The first product off of the D&D Armaments line was a heavily modified version of the Dencorp Heavy Tank, renamed the D&D Warforged. The Warforged melds the potent weapon technologies of Dencorp mechanized military vehicles with the newly re-discovered fusion engines produced by Royal/DC Fusion. The Warforged was envisioned by Counts Dencourt and DeChevalier as a huge step forward for the traditionally ICE powered mechanized vehicles on Royal.


The primary weapon of the Warforged 1A is a turret mounted AC-10, which is a play to the strengths of the Davion military’s reliance on ballistic weaponry. To supplement this long range attack, the Warforged carries a turreted Martell medium laser and a forward mounted LRM-15 launcher.


WRF-1B – The first standard variant made alongside the WRF-1A during initial roll out replaces the AC-10 with an AC-20 and swaps the LRM-15 launcher for two Holly SRM-6’s.
WRF-1C3 – The command, control, and communication variant is a refit of the 1A, which replaces the LRM-15 launcher with a full mobile HQ package and also mounts a rail catapult on top of the AC-10 barrel to launch a Dencorp Predator Drone for aerial recon. The medium laser is replaced with four machine guns for anti-infantry support, two mounted forward and one mounted on either flank.


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