Chihiro Miyazaki

The Coffee Girl Assassin and estranged ex-lover of Elwood MacStevenson


Chihiro Miyazaki is a well known member of the Assasin’s Guild. She is suspected of numerous murders and other crimes along the Draconis March of the Federated Suns. Her most recent activities have been tracked to the planet Royal in the Raman PDZ. She is suspected of several accounts of attempted murder and illegal infiltration of the Royal Dragoon Guard; of which her former lover the Dencourt Swordmaster Elwood MacStevenson is a member. Confirmed reports list Captain Harrington and Mica Torres-Buendia as both falling prey to Miyazaki’s trademark poisoned coffee. While niether died, severe nerve damge left Harrington unable to pilot a mech again.

She has been known to operate under the alias Serena Marquand and to leave her signature calling card, a folded origami crane, at the scene of the crime. She is skilled at infiltration and escape as well as concealment. She has in several instances entered and left Castle Shorncliff. Her most recent activity was the murder of Doctor Claudia Spencer.

While her involvement with the RDG is apparent; she has been reported opperating all over the system in otherwise unrelated operations. Her movites and whereabouts at this point are unknown.

Chihiro Miyazaki

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