1st Leftenant Sir Eben DeChevalier

RDG Exchange Officer with SLDF and sole remaining heir to the House of DeChevalier


NAME: DeChevalier, Eben (formerly Eben Doyle)
DOB: 19 SEP 2894
HOMEWORLD: Royal (Royal II)
COUNTY: Aquitaine
HOUSE MINOR: DeChevalier
PRIMARY MOS: MechWarrior
SECONDARY MOS: Special Ops Commando
VEHICLE ASSIGNMENT: Hammerhands HMH-3BB “Black Betty” (HMH-3D Refit)


STR 6 +0 600
BOD 5 +0 500
RFL 5 +0 500
DEX 7 +1 700
INT 5 +0 500
WIL 5 +0 500
CHA 4 +0 400
EDG 4 +0 400


COMPULSION -1 100 Smoking
ENEMY -2 200 Enemy (Tax Rebellion Terrorist Leader)
FIT +2 200 Fit for Spec Ops
GOOD HEARING +1 100 +1 to Perception for Hearing
GOOD VISION +1 100 +1 to Perception for Vision
IN FOR LIFE -3 300 House DeChevalier
NATURAL APTITUDE +3 300 Small Arms
PROPERTY +1 100 Eben’s House
TITLE +4 400 Knight Banneret of the House of DeChevalier
UNATTRACTIVE -1 100 Horribly battle-scarred


Administration +0 0 8/SA 20
Battlemech/Gunnery +3 1 7/SA 80
Battlemech/Pilot +4 1 7/SA 120
Battlemech/Sensor +2 8/SA 50
Career/Noble +0 7/SB 20
Career/Soldier +3 7/SB 80
Climbing +2 1 6/SB 50
Communications/Conventional +3 7/SB 80
Computer +1 8/CB 40
Demolitions +3 1 8/CA 80
Escape Artist +2 1 8/CA 50
Language/English +0 8/SA 20
Language/French +0 8/SA 20
Martial Arts +3 7/SB 80
Melee Weapons +3 1 6/SB 80
Perception +3 7/SB 80
Prestidigitation/Quick Draw +3 1 6/SB 80
Protocol/House DeChevalier +1 9/CA 20
Protocol/Federated Suns +1 9/CA 20
Small Arms +6 1 6/SB 230
Stealth +3 8/SA 80
Survival/Desert +1 9/CA 40
Tactics/Infantry +3 9/CA 80
Tactics/Land +3 9/CA 80
Thrown Weapons/Blunt +2 1 6/SB 50
Zero-G Operations +0 8/CA 20


06 OCT 2916 Detatched for duty with SLDF Wolf Division Officer Exchange
APR 2916-OCT 2916 Participated in the Great Royal Expedition
April 2916 Promoted to First Leftenant and Executive Officer of Royal Dragoon Guard Company E
FALL 2915 Promoted to Second Leftenant and Operations Officer of the Royal Dragoon Battalion
06 AUG 2915 Promoted to Brevet First Leftenant of the Royal Dragoon Guards Company “E”
21 JULY 2915 Awarded Combat Commendation for actions taken against Filthy Lucre on board the Tristan’s Pride
14-16 JUL 2915 Participated in the campaign to retake Royal from the Filthy Lucre mercenaries
01-28 MAY 2915 Participated in the campaign to retake Misery from Kurita forces
19 MAR 2915 Promoted to Company Sergeant Major of the Royal Dragoon Guards Company “E”
10 MAR 2915 Granted commission as a Leftenant in the DeChevalier House Armed Forces
FALL 2914 Awarded Meritorious Conduct Under Fire Medal for actions taken against House Kurita during RDG Infantry Examination
02 AUG 2914 Enlisted in the Royal Dragoon Guards as a Dragoon Recruit
30 JUL 2914 DHAF and PG Commission Suspended for Detached Duty
27 DEC 2913 Protected the Count from an assassination attempt in Port Royal
12 JAN 2912 Promoted to Colour Sergeant of the Count’s Court
17 JUN 2911 Joined Count DeChevalier’s Personal Guard as a Sergeant
05 MAY 2911 Awarded The Order of the Royal Heart for injuries received in service to Royal
07 APR 2911 Injured by shrapnel during the Battle of Wilshire’s Flat
18 AUG 2910 Entered Scout Sniper Training at Aaron DeChevalier Military Academy. Promoted to Corporal
02 FEB 2910 Entered the DeChevalier House Armed Forces as a Recruit


Close Quarters Battle Training (Basic)
Infantry Small Arms
Scout Sniper Qualified
Armor Basic Course
MechWarrior Basic Course
Demolitions Training


Eben DeChevalier (formerly Doyle) is the second son and shadow child of Count Daniel DeChevalier and his wife Anastasia DeChevalier (nee Orso). He was raised by Jacob and Elizabeth Doyle, both loyal retainers. At the time of his birth, Elizabeth was a MechWarrior piloting an Enforcer ENF-4R owned by the Count and Jacob serviced the Count’s personal Battleaxe BKX-7NC. As a shadow child (hidden and not officially recognized by his father) so closely attached to the Count and his family, it came as no surprise that Eben and the young House heir Paul should cross paths and become friends. It soon became obvious that wherever Paul went, Eben would follow – a fact that delighted the Count.

When Paul became of age to join the House Armed Forces, the Count also gave permission for Eben to join. After basic training, Paul moved on to become an Officer Cadet and eventually a 2nd Leftenant. The Count specifically wanted Eben to work in areas other than Paul. He knew that an officer and eventually a Count would always need sound advice and a solid support structure and seemed to be grooming Eben for that eventual role as a non-com under the heir. Young Eben Doyle greatly excelled at the physical aspects of Armed Forces life. His excellent eye sight and his aptitude for spot-on long distance shots with a rifle saw him joining the Scout Sniper program offered by the Aaron DeChevalier Military Academy.

His graduation from the Scout Sniper program saw Eben immediately in action during the Battle of Wilshire’s Flat supporting the DeChevalier Family mechs in the Aquitaine Tax Rebellion. With some well placed rocket fire, Elizabeth Doyle’s Enforcer was brought down. Still alive but unable to move the Enforcer under it’s own power and with heat rising off the scale from a ruptured cooling tank on the fusion reactor, she attempted to bug-out but found the ejection mechanism was damaged. Eben broke cover to rush to her assistance when her Emergency Distress Beacon turned on. Sadly, the fusion reactor meltdown caused the AC-10 ammo bin to rupture, killing Elizabeth Doyle and severely mangling Eben’s face with shrapnel in the resulting explosion. Eben was rushed to a triage field hospital near the field of battle before being air lifted with other survivors back to the Count’s estate, Château de Bellocq. The House surgeons managed to remove all of the slightly irradiated metal, but Eben would have nasty scars for the rest of his life. While recovering, Eben was awarded The Order of the Royal Heart for being wounded in service to his House.

A month later, Eben was asked by the Count to join his personal guard. Agreeing, he was made a Sergeant in charge of the Count’s security detail at court in Aquitaine. Less than a year later, he was promoted to Colour Sergeant, carrying the Colors of Aquitaine and the standard of the House of DeChevalier. In addition to these duties, he also accompanied the Count to all official state functions abroad to present the colors and standard.

Things quieted down for Eben the following year between court and different functions. As the men from his scout unit told him, he was getting soft just holding the flags. Accompanying the Count during one trip through Port Royal, a protest outside of the Landstraad turned violent and the Count was attacked. Eben fought to protect his liege when shots rang out. One of the Count’s protectors lay dead, but Eben managed to gun down the attacker with a single shot through the eye. It was later discovered that the assassin was a mercenary hired by the bandits hiding out in DeChevalier territory who were ultimately responsible for the Tax Rebellion.

When the call for volunteers came to join Duke Von Kalmen’s international defense unit, the Royal Dragoon Guards, Count DeChevalier sent Eben and a handful of other DHAF hopefuls as his representatives in the initiative. While the other major houses sent heirs, it seemed odd that the Count would send a Colour Sergeant as the highest ranking member of his house. The Count’s son Paul was off planet at the time, so was spared enlistment. The Count needed someone he could trust, and who better than his Colour Guard and best friend to his son?

Eben was delighted to hear that all of the mechwarriors in training would be given full infantry and armor training before they even set foot in a mech. In infantry training, Eben shone, out pacing the nobles in his squad as the pampered heirs to their respective houses were becoming accustomed to the hardships of crawling through the mud and carrying a full kit. The only other member of a house to even garner a little of Eben’s respect was Dencourt Swordmaster Elwood MacStevenson. Eben noticed the two were more alike than they were to the nobility. Both were friends and confidants to the heirs of their respective houses, both came from humble backgrounds, and when push came to shove, both were not afraid to get their hands dirty.

It was this almost casual brutality that saved the fledgling Company E during their Infantry Final Exam when a Kurita raid from the planet Tripoli occurred. Eben’s proficiency with a sniper rifle killed the pilot of a combat-converted agriculture mech and MacStevenson’s deft touch with a blade helped cut swaths through the Kuritan infantry.

When the retaliatory raid on Tripoli occurred, Eben made sure to exact revenge on the Kuritan forces that had savaged his homeland of Aquitaine. During the attack, damage from a fighter jet strafe had sent the Kuritan base’s nuclear reactor into a meltdown, with Kuritan technicians working feverishly to contain the situation. The Dragoons, loaded for bear with explosives to help put a dent in Sammy Snake’s mech forces, found that the bulk of the Kuritans were already outbound to another location taking their battalion with them. The Dragoons escaped the Tripoli base with a battle damaged Wasp, but not before Eben left his pack of explosives in the reactor room. When he detonated the pack before the Tristan’s Pride lifted off, it sent the reactor into a critical melt down that left a large crater on the surface of Tripoli. The only person to know that Eben was responsible for what would later be considered a violation of the Ares Conventions is Hunter Dencourt, a fact that the young Dencourt kept from the Landsraad tribunal back on Royal.

It was a result of this tribunal that saw the Royal Dragoon Guards Company “E” and a battalion of Dencourt troops on their way to the planet Misery assigned to join the Second Battalion of the Provisional Relief Force under Major General Conroy Baden-Powell. Prior to their lift off from Royal, brevet sergeant Elwood MacStevenson resigned his post to lead an armor platoon, paving the way for Eben to be promoted to Company Sergeant Major. The PRF proceeded to Misery, where the Royal Detachment was ordered to take St. Marceau’s Pass and hold it until the rest of the relief column could arrive. The Battle of St. Marceau’s Pass was swift and decisive, a major victory for the Dragoons. It was then they received orders that 2nd Battalion Major Sir Christopher Hirsh had gone rogue and that they were to cut off all communications with him and the 2nd Battalion at Ruine. They received orders to report directly to General Baden-Powell at Laerdal. Sensing something off with their orders, the Dragoons stationed on the Mad Jack did a fly over of Ruine and saw both the 2nd Battalion and the Kuritan 1st Battalion in shambles. Further investigation lead to evidence provided by both the surviving Kuritan leadership and acting 2nd Battalion officer Lft Carranza that the cease fire had been by bombarded by Davion drop ships.

The Dragoon leadership made the decision to ignore Baden-Powell’s orders and file charges with ComStar, accusing the General of violating the Ares Conventions. While at the ComStar facility, news was received that Royal had been invaded by a mercenary regiment known as the Filthy Lucre. Joining the remains of 2nd Battalion, the Provisional Relief Force reformed under the command of Brevet Captain Hunter Dencourt to retake Royal.

The jumpship Pride of the Skies brought the Dragoons to the zenith recharge station at Crossing. While on shore leave, Sonya Eversole and Lady Olivia Wilton-Doyle became aware that elements of the Filthy Lucre had made a stop at Crossing and that some of them may still be located there waiting for the return of one of their battalions. It was quickly decided that the remaining members of the Filthy Lucre should be located and quietly interrogated. The reality ended up trumping the idea though, as Sonya and Dragoon Declan Raines eventually found the mercenaries and fisticuffs ensued, with Declan getting knocked unconscious and Sonya having to defend against two mercenaries. By the time Hunter and Eben arrived on the scene, Ian Kortig had been arrested for attempting to intervene with a knife and Sonya had smartly defeated the mercenaries.

With the Pride of the Skies fully recharged, the Dragoons made the jump to Royal. Arriving in system, the Dragoons made contact with the Royal government that had relocated to Geiss. Counts Dencourt and Eversole were leading the resistance from a war room at the Dencourt palace. Count DeChevalier had gone to ground in the Star league era subterranean fortress-city of Underlook, located beneath the Capetian Mountains in Aquitaine. He was preparing a special welcome for the invading mercenaries in the way of Dencourt and DeChevalier Armaments Warforged fusion heavy tanks.

As the Dragoon leadership made a hard burn on the Tristan’s Pride, the rest of Company E and 2nd Battalion rode on the Mad Jack with those wounded on Misery under the care of Company E physician Claudia Spencer. It was during this time that it became evident there were treasonous elements within the Royal parliament.

After making radio contact with Major Richard Mainwaring in abandoned mining tunnels in Aquitaine’s mountains, the RDG formed up to rescue their beleaguered commanding officer. With the RDG grounded trying to reach Captain Tukachevsky, the Filthy Lucre launched a dropship containing an unknown number of mechs to intercept. Eben coordinated with Count DeChevalier and other nearby nobility to launch an aerial strike against the incoming dropship, which resulted in it’s destruction above the nearby badlands. In retaliation for this, the Filthy Lucre command issued orders to begin the destruction of Port Royal.

Thousands were killed and injured, with thrice that number now dispossessed as the Filthy Lucre’s mechs turned on the government buildings and hospitals. In response, Captain Dencourt ordered an immediate assault on Port Royal. First landing outside the star port, Company “E” attacked a company of mechs that were returning from sacking the von Kalmen estates. After their utter destruction, and with six prisoners to question, Eben was ordered by his Captain to interrogate the prisoners for useful information. The results of this interrogation turned up interesting details including the layout of the remaining Filthy Lucre company as well as the defenses laid in place. In order to illustrate the point that the mercenaries had earned the wrath of all of those on Royal by violating the Ares Convention, Eben killed two of the surviving mercenaries to get their commanding officer to talk. He was later ordered by Hunter and Sonya to kill the remaining survivors and dispose of their bodies.

With the dark deed performed, Company “E” found itself reinforced by elements of the Duke’s guard in the form of a House Isoku mech pilot. Now with enough mechs for three lances, Eben found himself commanding the fire lance that attacked the old County Cameron fort that the remaining mercenaries had retreated to. This retreat was a trap as the area had been mined and reinforced by elements of rebellious Barons that had allied with the mercenaries. After Easy company began to begin for the final march into the fort, Colonel Hawass of the Lucre ordered a cease fire for a parley. He was willing to leave Royal behind with no further bloodshed if they would allow a dropship hired from Baron Liraste to land. With the dropship nearing the target landing zone, Hunter decided to go along with the request of surrender, allowing the remaining Filthy Lucre to retreat.

With the immediate threat now resolved, Hunter and Sonya met up with the their fathers on Geiss to begin planning the rebuilding of Royal, leaving Eben in charge of the city’s defenses for the time being. Standing on top of one of the new Warforged 1A tanks carrying the Royal flag, Eben and the rest of Company “E” rode like conquering heroes into the city. Half of Easy were sent to the communications facility and the other half rode with Eben to secure the Landsraad.

Upon arriving at the Landsraad, Eben entered the government building carrying the flag of Royal. He entered the council chamber to find Speaker of the Landsraad Arnelia Blackstock sitting in the Duke’s chair flanked by two guards. She said that she had been expecting the RDG to arrive and was prepared to turn over damning information that implicated several Barons as having conspired with the invading mercenaries. Eben set up base camp within the council chamber, using the Duke’s personal communication equipment to keep in contact with the Count’s. He contacted Count DeChevalier to come to Port Royal and assume control of the government until the Duke’s heir could be located. He also contacted Counts Dencourt and Eversole for permission to detain the suspect Barons until more of this conspiracy could be figured out. With permission received, he sent forces to the Hargrave, Liraste, and Hasek-Chan estates.

The RDG forces with Eben also located Lieutenant-Colonel Moorison of the Filthy Lucre. He had been shot and left for dead by Hawass. Moorison said that the Filthy Lucre had gotten the information they were looking for, not from Richard Mainwaring, but instead from Hugo Stiglitz, a former member of the RDG. They also located looters trying to remove potentially incriminating evidence from the Landsraad complex. After the looters were dispatched, the RDG searched the contents of the truck and found a wealth in government records from the time of the Filthy Lucre occupation. These records were secreted away to the Mad Jack to be poured over by Olivia Wilton-Doyle.

With the death of Duke Maglan von Kalmen and Count DeChevalier’s heir Paul at the hands of the Filthy Lucre, it has recently come out that Eben Doyle is really Eben DeChevalier, secret brother to Paul and shadow child to Daniel and Anastasia. He was placed under the foster care of Jacob and Elizabeth Doyle as an infant so that the DeChevalier bloodline would never break in the event of another execution like the one perpetrated by the traitor Stephen Amaris. With his newly discovered brother dead and his world now free from invasion forces, it looks to be a new day for both Royal and Eben DeChevalier.

1st Leftenant Sir Eben DeChevalier

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