The Royal Dragoon Guards - Adventures in the Third Succession War

McHale's MechWarriors

Private Harris runs up to Hudson to inform him a drop ship is coming
in flying Von Kalmen colors and looking to talk to the person in
Troops line up outside the drop ship ramp and a small group of
delegates emerge. Colonel Klemper introduces Sir Tristan De Clare to
Hudson because it had come to her attention that no one from house Van
Kalmen was represented in the Royal Dragoon Guards. Hudson asks for
medical supplies; in which they oblige. Kalmen asks for a tour of the
castle which was delegated to Harris.
Darren MacStevenson, Silas Harding and Iancu Koerting are in the mech
bay when Sir Tristan’s Crusader is being brought in. The crusader has
a sword? Harding is found in his mech with “breakfast”. Koertig orders
him to run laps around the drop ship and they wouldn’t inform Hudson.
Tristan finally finds Eversole on the Black Ranger. He tells her of
his volunteering to join the RDG. Eversole makes a call to get De
Clare a uniform. She informs him (kind of) of what happened with
Larast and the duel. He leaves.
Harris finds Hudson again and he has handed off the guests to the
curator and we have another private aircraft coming in from the House
of Buendia. Hudson has Mica and Arcadio go to talk to the people
aboard in order to find out what they are there for.
Mica goes to find out what the ship is there for and apparently wanted
to see the Baron Buendia in order to give him things before the RDG
departs. After giving the ship landing clearance they head to the
landing pad. The door opens to the ship to reveal Buendia staff and
they deliver the goods to the Buendia’s. They are apparently things
for him to remember where he is from and also a formal meal for to eat
on the eve of the RDG’s departure. A message is on the pad when Mica
signs for it. Arcadio sends a message to his cousin telling him they
support him and won’t be around for 8 months therefore he cannot
contact him. They left him with some extra assets. Message: Colonel
Hawass pilots a Zeus and leads a group of heavy and medium mechs with
a single light mech; given land on Hesperus II and is getting ready to
ship out. They are leaving behind a prisoner, the former Duke’s
Tristan is talks to Duquesne.
Eversole uses her amazing admin skills managing to get the medical
supplies that we needed.
The Formal dinner is getting close to starting and everyone is getting
all snazzy up. Tristan and Sylas get called to the supply office to
get uniforms. Tristan, Wilfred and Sylas all get jazzed up as well.
The Formal dinner begins. Private Harris beats everyone there and he
is dresses as wait staff. Tristan introduces himself to those he has
yet to meet. At some point all of the new members were sworn into the
Davion military. When asked what the mission is by Tristan, Daz tries
to figure out what he can actually tell them that won’t be told to
them the following day by Buchanan.
The next morning everyone is up reasonably early to finish the
preparations for launch. One thing catches everyone’s attention. There
are two huge fuel tankers that are being filled preparing for launch.
All the mechs were loaded and Guzman has given the okay to depart.
The company is gathered on the Mad Jack with one of the ship’s
officers in a meeting room that seemed to be a cargo locker at one
point. The officer walks in and introduces himself as Leftenant
Michaels. He is there because of some of the new equipment that is
being tested on our ship that is experimental. It is being tested on
us because if anything was to go wrong it wouldn’t affect anything on
the front line. The holographic projection table that sits in front of
us powers on and Michaels tells us that it is a new situational
computer and that there is a new bay for fighter craft and there are
simulator pods to be used for training. Michaels will be running the
equipment. Buchanan has requested that Hudson commands the unit
against the opposition of Himself, Michaels, and DeChevalier. A new
group of people will be tested on their tactics skills each practice
Michaels shows the unit a map out of the mechs at the Filthy Lucre’s
disposal. Mica notices that the diagram on the map does not match that
in which his informant gave him. It showed a lighter force. Mica
informs him of the mistake made.
Easy Blue:
• Eben DeChevalier – Hammerhands
• Darren MacStevenson – Hunchback
• Arcadio Buendia – Centurion
• Tristan De Clare – Crusader
Easy Red:
• Daz Hudson – Griffin
• Sonya Eversole – Jenner
• Alexis Summers – Flea
• Sylas Harding – Phoenix Hawk
Easy Command:
• Ian Buchanan – Wolverine
• Iancu Koertig – Rifleman
• Wilfred Junker – Shadow Hawk
Easy Gray:
• Elwood Macstevenson – Warforged tank
• Mica Torres-Buendia – Warforged tank Intelligence version

A plot unfolded between the unit and Colonel Hudson to get him on
board the ship to depart with us. Colonel Wallace has been left on



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