The Royal Dragoon Guards - Adventures in the Third Succession War

Triple Crosses
The RDG finds treachery on Zebebelgenubi
A Slight Miss Jump
Saturday April 28, 2012

Members in attendance…Bobby, Ed, Emily, Randi, Raul, Scott, and Trenton

The adventure started in Galatea.
The crew opened the scene with a discussion on the checks and balances of assisting the farmers on Zebebelgenubi. The farmers were being harassed by mechs and tanks. They had little to offer in the way of payment. The amount of money they were offering was not enough to hire a mercenary band of sufficient force to rid the community of the terror that plagues the planet. In the end the group decided to assist Herr Schmitt and the farmers.
Capt. Buchanan called Herr Schmitt using his alias (Major Harrington). I changed his accents while speaking as Herr Schmitt. There was much laughing after it happened. Herr Schmitt arrived at the hotel. Security escorts Herr Schmitt to the party in the boardroom and then leaves. After Major Harrington informs Herr Schmitt that the company will accept the job and save the planet, he breaks down in tears. Major Harrington is able to reassure the man that the company is happy to assist. The man is so happy afterwards that he wants to break the news to the members of his community right away. The Major has to remind him that operational security is of the upmost importance and that for the time being we would like to have Herr Schmitt remain with us during the entire mission. He is to be escorted to his hotel to gather his belongings and taken to the drop ship. He agrees stating that he understands the need for secrecy.
Lady Eversole is getting the drop ship loaded with the goods that were donated. Capt. Buchanan arrives at the drop ship and gets the run down. He invites Lady Eversole to diner for an important discussion. During the diner he explains that he is recommending her for knight hood in the New Avalon Church. He speaks to her on the requirements of being a member of the order. Also covers her merits and the reason that he thinks she should accept this appointment should her application get approved by the church. Lady Eversole asks for more information on the order since she has heard of them but she does not know too much about the order. After a brief discussion of what the order is about and individuals do in the order, the drop ship continues on its way to the jump ship.
Once on the jump ship the company is called to order in the war room. They call Capt. Sturmann in and inform him of the group’s next stop, relaying that it will be a combat zone. The jump ship captain leaves to make preparations for the jump and leaves the combat preparations to Capt. Buchanan. After a discussion on tactics it is decided that the group use a threefold attack. The drop ship will launch and the air support will time their departure so that they will reach the destination 30 before the drop ship. The drop ship will combat drop the entire Mech Company which will land moments after the air support make their first recon/ strafing run. The Mechs will land on a clear field away from the city side of the base. The drop ship will continue on to the city side of the base and land. The tanks and support crews will depart the ship. A security escort will take Herr Schmitt to the city government to get him out of possible danger. The crew did discuss the fact that this could be no more than an attempt to stall the group from reaching their objective for this mission. However it is decided that no matter what it is we cannot stand by while the occupation of Zebebelgenubi continues.
The drop ship docks with the jump ship and the group makes a bad jump. The ship is hit by an object and the sensor operator announces that there is a contact. The lights of the ship had just gone out. The ship made a jump to a gas giant named Belzinga. Captain Sturmann orders contact with the derelict ship without success. They do finally get the S.O.S. signal but it is very weak. They make the decision to investigate and see how they will be able to assist the other ship. A team of people are going to go over our jump ship to see if we have damage if any we sustained. A large piece of shrapnel is found in a section of the ship and the crew prepares to make repairs.
The crew is sending Captain Buchanan, 1st Lt. DeChevalier, Baron BuenDia, Doctor Duqesne, DR Eversole, CSM Koertig, and DR Durova to investigate the other jump ship “The Galaga”. The ship is in sections and is held together by metal cables. Eben DeChevalier noticed something interesting about the damage which they investigate later. Upon looking at the view port the team notices that there are 4 people in the bridge. The crew manages to dock with the maintenance hatch on the top of the ship. The team makes it way to the bridge and rescues the remaining crew members. Then the search of the front of the ship reveals one more live crew member. The crew also discovers two cases in FS Duerman’s room. There are uniforms with a strange rank insignia which they later discover is the intelligence branch. The cases contain a communication unit of some sort that was covered in a cloaking like material and a case of Kroner Bills. Further investigation they grab a diplomatic pouch, and the captain’s data pad. They get a dump of the ships information from the systems on-board as well as the captain’s papers.
In the rear of the ship, the teams find 4 prisoners, and the saboteur. Koertig being faster on the draw is able to kill the traitor before he can bring his gun to bear. They get his package containing his orders and C-Bills. The team was able to recover a prototype crossbow mech and some ammunition for it. They collected all dog tags of the dead members to give to the Steiner government.
They interrogated the prisoner which turned out to be just Austrian prisoners of war. They spoke with the members of their crew and pieced together that this jump ship had several different missions. First and foremost was to replace the troops that are stationed on a base. Diplomatic mission on board was to affect a prison exchange. The Ambassador’s aide gave the rescuers the bracelets that were intended as opening peace offerings. Inside each was a message for someone with the exception of one message that was directed for Warlord BuenDia.

Warlord’s Message:
I hope this note finds you in good health Warlord. Oh and by the way don’t bother trying to find out who delivered this message. They are doing so without knowing the contents.
I would continue with some pleasantries but they would be pointless at this time. So I will get straight to the point. Your father, may he rest in peace, was first and foremost a businessman. He was also my friend. He and I had an arrangement that I would provide him some how shall I put this? Financial backing in exchange for certain services. I assume that being his son that you are the spitting image of my dearest friend. I also assume that we can come to the same kind of arrangement. One thing your father stated he wanted most was to build an army of mechs to rule his little part of the world. I know that you have three in your household. What if I can promise you that I will not only financially support you in this but I will donate four mechs to your house? All I ask in return is that you sabotage your current mission. It does not have to end in fatality just a delay of say a month. I am almost at my goal and will need some time to affect some….repairs. There is no need to leave me a reply if I have any unwanted visitors at my destination then I will know you declined. Also if the equipment I need to…uh repair is not there then you have declined. Hope to see long and fruitful relation continuing.

- Your father’s best friend
Other coded message:
ACBD 1252553367959444555

The group figured out that the traitor was going to be picked up in another 5 hours. So the jump ship cruised out as far away as they could to, in hopes that they will not be detected. They had passive sensors on while the other jump ship was in the area. House Kurita used a military jump ship (Midnights Dream) to come in and grab the prototype mech that was no longer on board. The jump ship after a brief search made a second jump to leave the system.

The Voyage Begins
Mysteries unfold as the Royal Dragoons get further from home.

08 November 2915 – 10 December 2915

After a successful departure from Royal space, the Royal Expeditionary Force arrives at the Hadley’s Hope colony to find a mysterious vessel already at the supposedly “lost” colony. When the vessel fails to respond to hails, Captain Buchanan dispatches Kier Tighe and the Corsairs to investigate. As the fighters close on the enemy vessel, it begins broadcasting a ComStar IFF code, and the REF is hailed by a ComStar Demi-Precentor who states they are an Explorer Corps vessel engaged in a routine cataloging expedition to this recently rediscovered world. The Demi-Precentor goes on to warn the RDG that his mission has been hindered by the presence of another force – possibly armed – on the surface of the colony which the unarmed ComStar expedition is obviously unable to deal with due to ComStar’s noncombatant status. Captain Buchanan explains the REF arrived at Hadley’s Hope by mistake, and would leave as soon as the K-F drive recharged. In the meantime, he planned on sending a shuttle to the surface of the colony for sightseeing. The shuttle carries Leftenant DeChevalier, Corporal Eversole and Dragoons BuenDia and Torres-BuenDia to the surface of Hadley’s Hope, where they find a salvage crew has restored some atmosphere to the station and was in the process of claiming the valuables as legal salvage. Establishing communications with the salvors, Leftenant DeChevalier makes an agreement with them to share any information they may find in exchange for permission to explore the ruins. The salvors, knowing they lacked the manpower to case the entire colony, agreed, stating there was a military blast door they were unable to open. The team splits up to check the colony, with DeChevalier and The Warlord going to the old medical facility and Eversole and Torres-BuenDia headed down to the military complex. TBD was able to hack the security lock and enter the complex. Inside, they found an intact Star League theatre command center, with working computer systems. A recorded message was inside, from Lieutenant General Kelsey Bateson, SLDF. The General outlined how he was taking his command and following Kerensky into OPERATION : EXODUS, and was leaving “breadcrumbs” to allow any force that followed to catch up. They recovered a data disk with a full copy of the purported Exodus map, as well as the discretionary fund for the base, left behind along with a printer-like device in the supply vault. These items, plus a pair of Mauser-960 rifles and some portable computers were put in TBD’s Swift Wind scout car. The door was then re-sealed and the salvors called. TBD and DeChevalier convinced the salvors that they had not already removed artifacts from the site. Their technology curator was so excited at the Star League computers he pressured the foreman to accept DeChevalier’s offer to take the REF’s share of the discovery in simple armor plate. This deception convinced the foreman that the REF were typical MechWarriors, interested only in what they could immediately use for maintain their ’Mechs. Armor plate was less valuable than the Star League computer systems by an order of magnitude, and the salvors felt they were getting an amazing deal. The REF left the world with 80 tons of armor plate, and their hidden spoils. Jumping outsystem, the REF arrived at what was, according to both maps, a colony that had been destroyed during the Amaris Coup. They began receiving old-style radio transmissions from the planet below. Investigating, they began to realize the planetary population was at a state of war with itself, and had apparently lost the ability for space travel. Oddly, a spaceborne force of aerospace fighters began heading around the star from the zenith jump point claiming to be Lyran Commonwealth naval forces and accusing the REF of an open act of war. Captain Buchanan attempted to buy time, while Micah Torres-BuenDia made contact with the planet below. It was confirmed that the world was unaware anyone else survived the wars leading up to and following the Fall of Terra. Buchanan and TBD sent information on the last two centuries of history to the world via radio. The Lyran Naval force eventually accepted that the REF was suffering a jump malfunction, and held out of weapons range waiting to see if the REF would jump on schedule – which they did. Many mysteries remain in from the trip to these two worlds.
McHale's MechWarriors

Private Harris runs up to Hudson to inform him a drop ship is coming
in flying Von Kalmen colors and looking to talk to the person in
Troops line up outside the drop ship ramp and a small group of
delegates emerge. Colonel Klemper introduces Sir Tristan De Clare to
Hudson because it had come to her attention that no one from house Van
Kalmen was represented in the Royal Dragoon Guards. Hudson asks for
medical supplies; in which they oblige. Kalmen asks for a tour of the
castle which was delegated to Harris.
Darren MacStevenson, Silas Harding and Iancu Koerting are in the mech
bay when Sir Tristan’s Crusader is being brought in. The crusader has
a sword? Harding is found in his mech with “breakfast”. Koertig orders
him to run laps around the drop ship and they wouldn’t inform Hudson.
Tristan finally finds Eversole on the Black Ranger. He tells her of
his volunteering to join the RDG. Eversole makes a call to get De
Clare a uniform. She informs him (kind of) of what happened with
Larast and the duel. He leaves.
Harris finds Hudson again and he has handed off the guests to the
curator and we have another private aircraft coming in from the House
of Buendia. Hudson has Mica and Arcadio go to talk to the people
aboard in order to find out what they are there for.
Mica goes to find out what the ship is there for and apparently wanted
to see the Baron Buendia in order to give him things before the RDG
departs. After giving the ship landing clearance they head to the
landing pad. The door opens to the ship to reveal Buendia staff and
they deliver the goods to the Buendia’s. They are apparently things
for him to remember where he is from and also a formal meal for to eat
on the eve of the RDG’s departure. A message is on the pad when Mica
signs for it. Arcadio sends a message to his cousin telling him they
support him and won’t be around for 8 months therefore he cannot
contact him. They left him with some extra assets. Message: Colonel
Hawass pilots a Zeus and leads a group of heavy and medium mechs with
a single light mech; given land on Hesperus II and is getting ready to
ship out. They are leaving behind a prisoner, the former Duke’s
Tristan is talks to Duquesne.
Eversole uses her amazing admin skills managing to get the medical
supplies that we needed.
The Formal dinner is getting close to starting and everyone is getting
all snazzy up. Tristan and Sylas get called to the supply office to
get uniforms. Tristan, Wilfred and Sylas all get jazzed up as well.
The Formal dinner begins. Private Harris beats everyone there and he
is dresses as wait staff. Tristan introduces himself to those he has
yet to meet. At some point all of the new members were sworn into the
Davion military. When asked what the mission is by Tristan, Daz tries
to figure out what he can actually tell them that won’t be told to
them the following day by Buchanan.
The next morning everyone is up reasonably early to finish the
preparations for launch. One thing catches everyone’s attention. There
are two huge fuel tankers that are being filled preparing for launch.
All the mechs were loaded and Guzman has given the okay to depart.
The company is gathered on the Mad Jack with one of the ship’s
officers in a meeting room that seemed to be a cargo locker at one
point. The officer walks in and introduces himself as Leftenant
Michaels. He is there because of some of the new equipment that is
being tested on our ship that is experimental. It is being tested on
us because if anything was to go wrong it wouldn’t affect anything on
the front line. The holographic projection table that sits in front of
us powers on and Michaels tells us that it is a new situational
computer and that there is a new bay for fighter craft and there are
simulator pods to be used for training. Michaels will be running the
equipment. Buchanan has requested that Hudson commands the unit
against the opposition of Himself, Michaels, and DeChevalier. A new
group of people will be tested on their tactics skills each practice
Michaels shows the unit a map out of the mechs at the Filthy Lucre’s
disposal. Mica notices that the diagram on the map does not match that
in which his informant gave him. It showed a lighter force. Mica
informs him of the mistake made.
Easy Blue:
• Eben DeChevalier – Hammerhands
• Darren MacStevenson – Hunchback
• Arcadio Buendia – Centurion
• Tristan De Clare – Crusader
Easy Red:
• Daz Hudson – Griffin
• Sonya Eversole – Jenner
• Alexis Summers – Flea
• Sylas Harding – Phoenix Hawk
Easy Command:
• Ian Buchanan – Wolverine
• Iancu Koertig – Rifleman
• Wilfred Junker – Shadow Hawk
Easy Gray:
• Elwood Macstevenson – Warforged tank
• Mica Torres-Buendia – Warforged tank Intelligence version

A plot unfolded between the unit and Colonel Hudson to get him on
board the ship to depart with us. Colonel Wallace has been left on

Duellist's Blues
The Duels are Fought

7 SEP 2915

  • Lady Sonya kills Baron Liraste in a duel.
  • Elwood MacStevenson defeats the Davion Light Guards duellist.
  • Conspiracy discovered.
No Place Like Home
A visit to the BuenDia Estate

5 Sep 2915

  • Claudia Spencer’s Funeral
  • The RDG appears before the Landsraad. Sonya calls Baron Liraste a coward and calls him to a duel.
  • The Dragoons make a stop at the BuenDia hacienda on their way back to Shorncliffe Castle.
  • We are given an insight into BuenDia culture and tradition.
  • Keurtig detects the presence of the Coffee Assassin.
  • She leaves a message scrawled on a napkin – “Poisoned Blade”
  • The Dragoons search for her to no avail.
48-Hour Pass
Easy Company Goes Wild

2 September 2915

Lft. Col. Hudson, knowing the Battalion is about to deploy offworld, authorizes a 48-hour leave to Port Royal for the personnel of Easy Company. Word goes out to the MechWarriors of Easy, and they begin preparations for their flight.

Cpl. Keurtig is summoned to the VTOL pad atop Castle Shorncliffe to meet the new medical personnel, Doctors Duqesne and Sheffield. “Duke” Duqesne shows a cool attitude to Claudia Spencer, and appears to be all-business. Dr. Melinda Shefflield is the sister of former Dragoon Christian Sheffield. Duke is not impressed with the striking figure of “Warlord” BuenDia asleep, in an apparently druken state in the officer’s sitting room. Also with the medical staff is Dragoon Recruit Silas Christoph Harding, a Phoenix Hawk pilot transferring in from the AFDR.

Within minutes, Dgn. Rct. Harding has met his roomate, Dfc. Darren MacStevenson- who has “liberated” a bottle of Bourbon from the officer’s sitting room. They drink as word comes down of the 48-hour pass and Harding can’t believe his luck. 10 minutes with his new unit and he’s on leave already.

The Dragoons board a Karnov that flies them to Port Royal, where they’re issued 300 D-Bills (Pounds) of their back pay with which to recreate. Their host, Leftenant Peck, secures an old HQ van as transport and drives them into town. Easy Company chooses a “soldier bar” near the base and starts off their leave with a round of drinks. As most of Easy Company are in civilian clothing, and many of them sporting decidedly non-regulation hairstyles, they are mistaken for civilians by unappreciative soldiers who don’t like the attention Easy Company is recieving from the women or the bartenders due to their freedom with their money.

As tensions mount, Lft. DeChevalier and Lft. Torres-BuenDia are approached by a runner from the AFDR Intelligence Directorate, asking to see the Easy Company officers to discuss the most recent run-in with the coffee assassin. The two leftenants leave the bar just as a scuffle breaks out between a group of AFDR tankers and Easy Company.

DeChevalier and Torres-BuenDia take a jeep to a building appearing to be a liquor store just outside one of the gates to the AFDR base. Once inside, they are lead down into the basement, and then into a room that seems like a well-appointed office. The suited man behind the desk introduces himself as the Director of Intelligence for the AFDR, and presents them with information about Easy Company’s personnel and activities that seems to back up his claim. He then asks the Leftenants if they would mind giving him what they know about the coffee assassin.

The altercation in the bar goes on until a group of MPs arrive. The MPs quickly break up the fight, and demand to know who started it. Upon checking a few IDs and relalizing who Easy Company are, the senior MP ordered his men to forget they ever saw Easy Company and arrested the tankers who started the fight. As they left, advising Captain Eversole to take her people elsewhere. Another MP approaches Captain Eversole, and asks if they have a medic, as one of the tankers was injured in the bar fight. The Captain finds Dr. Spencer, and the two of them follow the MP out into the alley to treat the wounded man. They are hit from behind with stunners and carried off, out of sight of the rest of Easy Company.

Leftenants DeChevalier and Torres-BuenDia realize something is amiss when Captain Eversole and Dr. Spencer are brought in unconscious. The man behind the desk assures them it was to maintain secrecy, but one of the MP-disguised guards blurts in a heavy accent that he was promised he could “kill the Eversole bitch.” DeChevalier goes for his holdout gun, and Torres-BuenDia engages in hand-to-hand. After making quick work of the opposition, they find that the operation was a front for the Avalon separatists who wish to see their corner of the Eversole landhold become self-determining. The leader of the cel is taken into custody.

Easy returns to Castle Shorncliffe after a much more subdued second day of leave. They begin going about preparations to depart the planet when Micah Torres-BuenDia enters the infirmary to find Claudia Spencer’s lifeless body hidden under an exam table – with a small origami figure on it.

Plans and Maneuvers
A Duel, A Bomb, and a State Dinner

11 August 2915

Port Royal, Duchy of von Kalmen

Royal II, Draconis March, Federated Suns

The Royal Dragoons appear before the Landsraad to recieve the thanks of Archduke Frederick Stephenson, Archduke of the Archduchy of New Ivaarsen. They receive land grants and awards for their participation in the Liberation of Royal. Before their arrival at the Landsraad, local law enforcement working with the Royal Security Directorate attempted to apprehend Elwood MacStevenson on suspicion of attempted murder of Baron Liraste. Due to his promotion to officer status, he is allowed to remain free in the custody of Lt.Col. Hudson while his blade is tested for blood evidence. Dr. Spencer is detailed to make the investigation. Archduke Frederick Stephenson announces the appointment of his son as Duke of Royal “for the duration of the emergency.” Sonya Eversole speaks to the need for representation of the loyal nobles of County Cameron, resulting in the creation of Maj.Gen. Mainwaring as the First Viscount Mainwaring. The Archduke explains that he made this appointment to prevent elevating any of the Counts and causing unrest. Back at their accomodations, Darren MacStevenson finds a bomb attached to his room service, causing and evacuation of the hotel. Mica Torres-Buendia and Daz Hudson commandeer the security systems of the building to attempt to locate the bomber while the bomb is defused by Iancu Koertig. In the meantime, a sniper attemts to kill Lft.Col. Hudson, who is saved by being tackled by Sonya Eversole. Darren and Elwood MacStevenson attempt to find the sniper, locating the sniper position but finding the sniper dead. Daz Hudson and Torres-BuenDia find through computer and camera records that the bomb was planted by an individual masquerading as a room service waiter at the hotel, who entered a black van from the hotel’s delivery entrance and escaped. The van was found later at a parking lot, and the local bomb squad was alerted. Dr. Spencer finds that the blood on MacStevenson’s blade is indeed the blood of Baron Liraste, but was blood taken and stored (frozen) and applied to the blade later, proving the setup. MacStevenson is cleared of the charges. Iancu Koertig duels Sgt. Marc Barsilou of the Davion Heavy Guards, the two duellists grinding each other to a stalemate. The duel is declared a draw, and the Royal Dragoons arrange to swap 5 tons of armor piercing AC/10 Ammo and a salvaged Clint for two Dencourt Heavy Tanks for the Heavy Guards. Arcadio BuenDia has dinner with Baron Dominic Penhall and his wife Marie, taking Dr. Spencer with him as an escort. Penhall expresses concern with recent assassinations of two other Barons, and asks BuenDia to take inside information on the military industrial activities of the two dead Barons and himself back to the Royal Dragoons, and get the information to those in power “who could use it”. A state dinner aboard the DeChevalier airship, the Majesty reveals cracks in the formerly friendly relationship between the Counts. The changes to the politics of Royal, and the addition of the newly created Viscount Mainwaring and Duke Paul Stevenson have strained the relations of the Counts. An impassioned speech by Sonya Eversole, Daz Hudson and especially Elwood MacStevenson calms the situation, ending the evening with the tension somewhat relieved.
RP Info for Game 7-16-11

Random Info

Current CoC
– CO – Bvt Cpt Hunter Dencourt
– XO – Bvt 1 Lft Sonya Eversole
CSM – SgtMaj Eben DeChevalier
NCOIC Fox Co – Cpl Elwood MacStevenson
– Dfc Iancu Koertig
– S-2 – 1 Lft Mica Torres-Buendia
– Warlord Arcadio Buendia
– Chu-Sa Isoku Reiko
– Chu-I Jon Yamamoto

Two weeks later from the arrival of Lft Col William Hudson
– Lft Col Hudson has taken over Hunter’s office on the drop-ship and has been trying to coordinate military efforts on Royal
– Hunter and Sonya are on Geiss

Todays stuff
– Open with Sonya sitting in a room with Hunter, Count Dencourt, Count Eversole and Duke Stevenson
– Davion succession
– Duke says many folks are on their way to New Avalon to try and claim control
– Princess is trying to claim Regent but others have countered the request
– 10 years until the Prince could take control
– Royal specific
– Duke says he can’t stay to sort things out
– Duke’s wondering what hard evidence has been found to prove the supposed “traitors” are in fact traitors
– The Duke sends Sonya back to Port Royal to take charge of Company E and make sure an officer is getting things in order
– Back on Royal proper…
– Everyone finds out they have their own rooms in the Castle as there’s a bit more space now
– Eben DeChevalier (prev Doyle) was asked to stay at Port Royal
– Everyone at the Castle finds out about this via news feed
– Castle goings on with the rest of Company E (not Sonya, Hunter or Ebon)
– Noted to the new folks that food’s pretty good around the Castle provided by House Hasek-Chan
– Everyone’s sitting down to breakfast when a caretaker comes in and turns the tv on and it’s announced that Ebon Doyle is actually a “shadow child” of Count Daniel DeChevalier
– Koertig comments about what Ebon’s ego’s going to be like after this news when he gets back
– Back up on Geiss
– Cpt Herrington stops Sonya on her way out
– Mentions that Major Mainwarring has been asked by the Duke to take control of the military forces of Royal
– Major Mainwarring will be becoming Major General Mainwarring and Cpt Herrington moving up to his Ops officer
– Count Dencourt has put in a request to have Cpt Dencourt remain on Geiss
– Sonya would then move up to Battalion (hopefully just Company E) and he mentions that Ebon DeChevalier would be moving up to be my XO
– Back on Royal
– News comes out about the developments on Avalon (july 25th) as well as the raid to DeChevalier lands (few days later)
– At end of breakfast Tukachevsky walks in and asks who the new folks are
– Deadeye makes introductions and says they fight well
– Tukachevsky introduces himself to each and pulls out “breakfast”
– Tuk asks about new tanks
– Tuk says the last few months they’ve been all over the place chasing after anyone connected to the Filthy Lucre
– Deadeye mentions that Ebon Doyle is now Ebon DeChevalier to Tuk
– Tuk asks if he got married and Deadeye says he was a “shadow child”
– Tuk mentions he might have a few of those back home; not sure
– Tuk looks around and asks if everyone else is dead cause they’re all quiet
– Deadeye says where all the officers are
– Tuk mentions Major should be back soon and hopefully things will get to normal; wants someone to get back to fixings his tanks
– Koertig says the quiet is the sucking void of Ebon’s ego now that he’s royalty
– Tuk says the room is depressing and he’s going to go find a more lively crowd and heads out
– Admin to the Major’s officer gets on the com asking for whoever is in charge of Company E to report to the Major’s office immediately
– folks look around trying to figure out whose in charge and Deadeye decides to go, though he’s in charge of Company F
– Col Hudson is in the Major’s office when Deadeye comes in
– Col looks at Deadeye and asks if he isn’t in charge of Company F and Deadeye agrees, Col assuming that there was no one else to send for Company E
– Col mentions the news of Ebon’s moving up in the world and makes sure Company E got the memo
– Deadeye’s asked what the state of Company E is
– reports that there’s 4 new people and Koertig
– gives names of the 4 people and the Houses they’re from, not including ranks because we don’t know them yet
– Col mentions that they’re not officially members of the RDG or Davion forces yet
– Col says he’s looking to make things a bit more organized
– says he’s asked one of the officer to come in and explain wth’s going on
– Col asks for Subalter Daz Hudson to be sent in
– says he’s asking him to take charge of Company E until another officer arrives
– Col dismisses Hudson and Deadeye
– Col shakes his head and sighs, saying “Militia”
– Deadeye takes Hudson to go meet the troops
– Yamamoto’s out doing PT
– Koertig’s at the gym
– Buendia’s out somewhere practicing sword-fighting
– Reiko’s doing martial arts practice (sword forms)
– Hudson starts on the “paperwork” side of things that’s been waiting for the “commander of Company E” for two weeks
– tells Deadeye to lead any of Company E that isn’t already doing PT to go do PT related stuffs
– Deadeye gets what’s left of Company E together to PT them
– seeing what’s left of Company E already doing PT, he heads off to find Tuk and “second breakfast” and show off the new Warforged tanks
– Tuk sees Deadeye come in and comments on the fact that the new tanks are invincible (pointing to the one that didn’t make it)
– Tuk asks for the details of the new tanks and Deadeye provides
– Tuk climbs up on the hull and looks down the hole of the main gun
– Tuk decides to take tank for a spin and has Deadeye come along
– Tank comes tearing out of mech bay into the PT field and across it at full throttle
– Some PT folks stop to oggle and some just keep doing their thing since the tank doesn’t seem to be threatening them
– Tuk turns the tank and slides it to a stop, tearing up some of the parade ground
– Tuk asks Deadeye if we can get more of them ask they beat the hell out of the crappy old vedettes
– Tuk asks why Deadye’s not a Captain now that he’s in charge of his own company and Deadeye says he’s not sure, that he’s still a Cpl. Tuk says he’ll work on that
– Tuk takes the tank back in still saying he wants to get more of those and mentions that the groundskeeper isn’t going to be happy with the new state of the parade ground
– Admin person comes over the com saying there’s an incoming vessel from Geiss with time to land and that anyone who likes their hide should be inside when it lands
– DropShuttle is a K-1
– K-1 touches down with Sonya, Herrington and a number of support personnel
– Herrington says he’s going back to his old office and mentions hoping they have a new coffee maker
– transport stops in mech bay to unload everyone
– Tuk says hi and says he likes the new tanks
– Sonya goes to drop off her stuff and on the was passes by Hunter’s old office and spots someone sitting in his office working
– Meets Subalter Hudson and says he’s in charge of Company E until another officer shows up
– Hudson says he’s going to take Sonya to meet Col Hudson
– Sonya asks on the way about his relationship to the Col where Hudson says he’s his son
– Sonya mentions it must be good to be the son of the Col to show up and then get put in charge of a Company
– get to the Major’s office where the Admin for the Major greets them and Sonya asks where the Major is
– Cpl states that he’s on Geiss where Sonya mentions she just came from and hasn’t seen him
– Col Hudson reaches Cpl on the com and asks if Sonya has arrived yet; Sonya’s motioned in and Hudson follows
– meeting with Col Hudson
– Sonya greets the Col and gives him her orders from the Duke about taking charge of Company E
– Col reports Major General Mainwarring will be taking over the military happenings on Royal and the Col will be commanding 2nd Battalion
– Col says that there’s been a request to have SgtMaj DeChevalier moved into the XO spot but he refuses to sign off on it until he meets him
– Col gives Sonya 4 hours to get things organized
– mentions 4 new personnel: 2 from House Isoku and two from House Buenia, one of them the Baron
– Col says we need to get paperwork on these new people and the lances sorted out
– Col also mentions that Company E will be making an appearance at the convening of the Lansraad tomorrow along with himself
– Col says his son will be joining Company E and to do with him as I will
– Sonya gives orders to Hudson to work on getting the paperwork for the 4 new members and putting together the lances in an outline and we would go over it and over it again with Ebon when he arrives
– runs into Arcadio Buendia first
– sitting relaxing drinking brandy and smoking a cigar
– stands and salutes and makes introductions
– Hudson asks what kind of mech he pilots (Centurion C-9)
– Sonya asks why a Baron would want to join the RDG
– Arcadio says that after the battle for Port Royal and being a vasal of House DeChevalier that he felt he and his man at arms would better serve the House and Royal as members of the RDG
– Arcadio offers to assist in any way he can
– Sonya advises him that he’s welcome to keep relaxing, but that she wants to meet with all of Company E (and Deadeye from Company F) at 1500 and to please gather the troops at he briefing room on the second floor
– requests that he find DFC Wilton-Doyle to get a proper RDG uniform
– Sonya and Hudson wander on to find the next new recruit Mica Torres-Buendia (Arcadio’s Man at Arms)
– Mica’s in his quarters and already in RDG uniform but with his house rank as he doesn’t currently have a specific rank in the RDG
– Sonya knocks and Mica answers, exchange of salutes and they’re invited in
– introductions made and Sonya comments on Mica already having his RDG uniform
– find out that Mica’s waiting for the arrival of an “surveillance tank” that he will be manning as his experience and training are in Intelligence
– asked to please be notified when this tank is expected to arrive to the Castle
– informed that we’d be meeting at 1500 in the briefing room and to please make an appearance and until then, keep relaxing
– making way next to find the two folks of House Isoku
– arrive into the common area and find both of them who immediately come to attention
– Sonya greets them in standard Japanese greeting and then return polite Japanese greeting
– introductions made
– ask them what mechs they pilot (if any)
– Isoku pilots a Dragon
– Yamamoto Griffon 1-N
– advised that I was holding a meeting of Company E at 1500 in the briefing room on the 2nd floor and to find DFC Wilton-Doyle for uniforms if they can before then, worse case have no later than tomorrow as we’ll be going in front of the Lansraad
– asked if there was anything I could do for them and they said no
– said goodbyes and that I would see them at the briefing then went off to make sure Koertig and Deadeye got the memo about the meeting
– Ebon on his way back to the Castle with Count DeChavelier
– Ebon and the Count are riding back to the Castle in style
– they discuss the “traitors” being taken into custody
– Count mentions that Baron Buendia is now a member of the RDG and a part of Company E
– Count mentions that Ebon should beware Mica for being a “lean and hungry type”
– they arrive to the Castle
– Sonya finds Captains rank insignia before the meeting
– Cpl Claudia Spencer is on the airship with the Count and Ebon
– Admin Cpl Smith reports to Sonya that the Counts airship will be arriving in 15 minutes
– Sonya instructs him to greet him when he arrives and either inform him or escort him to the Company E meeting at 1500 in the briefing room on 2nd floor
– Cpl Smith seems very nervous and a bit twitchy
– Cpl Smith meets the Count and Ebon as well as Claudia at the airship as it lands
– Count wishes Ebon goodluck and Ebon thanks him as “father”
– Ebon instructs Cpl Smith to get the medical equip off the ship squared away
– Cpl Smith tells Ebon about the briefing at 1500 and also tells him the Col is wanting to see him
– Ebon smokes his way through the Castle to the Col’s office
– Ebon meets the Col
– Col makes introductions with Ebon
– Col talks to Ebon about how the “round-up” of the supposed traitors is going over which isn’t entirely well with those who were on the receiving end
– Col tells Ebon that he’s now in charge of the RDG Battalion
– Says he’s rather impressed with what he’s seen so far from the Battalion
– Col mentions that we’re currently lacking cohesion
– Col mentions Shurpu shooting the right front tire of the Col’s car
– Ebon says he’s going to PT him until he dies
– says he’s surprised that someone who was trained under Dencourt to act in such a way
– Ebon says there may be a lot of things questionable about Dencourt right now
– mentions Lady Blackstock
– Col asks for Ebon’s thoughts on Dencourt
– lack of discipline
– says that Hunter helped build a good unit but he seemed to lack control/command over the Dencourt Legion
– take all sorts of “undesireables”
– Col says he’s received reports from lots of other areas that mention that a lot of those that sided with the mercs were prev Dencourt Legion as well as their equip being from Dencourt
– Col doesn’t want to have to deal with the RDG having to fight the people of Royal, specifically the Dencourt Legion folks, that may come against them
– Col tells Ebon of his promotion to Bvt 1Lft
– Col tells Ebon to report to Cpt Eversole
– Col tells Ebon that Hunter will be staying up on Geiss to help take care of things back home
– Col tells Ebon to meet him on lvl 8 east wing as soon as he can find Cpt Eversole for a brief pre-meeting meeting
– Ebon leaves meeting with Col and asks Cpl Smith where the Cpt is
– Cpl tells him that that she’s in Hunter’s old office
– Subaltern Hudson is called over the com by Cpl Smith to contact him asap
– Cpt Smith tells Hudson to report to the lvl 8 conf room east wing immediately per orders of the Col
– Ebon goes to find Cpt Eversole
– door to office is open when he arrives
– Ebon walks in without knocking
– greets Sonya with her returning greeting
– Sonya offers to help him switch his insignia
– Ebon says the Col wants to meet with us before our briefing
– Sonya grabs her notepad and they head out
– Meeting with Col, Ebon, Hudson the lesser and Sonya on lvl 8
– Col is waiting outside for us and then tells us to get into the conf room
– Col doesn’t follow and the door shuts
– Major General Mainwarring, Herrington, Tuk and Farnsworth are all there
– Ebon, Sonya and Daz brace to attention; brass returns the salute
– Major addresses Ebon and Sonya saying it’s nice to see them
– Major addresses Daz for introductions and then asks him to please wait outside for a few minutes
– after Daz leaves, Major turns back to Ebon and Sonya
– mentions the shake-up in command and says he never expected to be the rank he is
– says the Duke feels his talents would be better served in his new role
– Mainwarring gives us our new orders that are not to be written down anywhere
– “officially” the RDG is being sent out to help with the war effort
– communications sent out at different times will insinuate that we’ll be at the Kurita front
– “unofficially” we’re going somewhere else
– Sonya leading Mechs
– Bvt 2Lft will lead tanks
– Cpt Farnsworth will be going with us to lead the infantry
– everyone in this room + Hunter Dencourt are the only ones who know the following information
– Mainwarring reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small glass crystal
– says within this crystal is a map
– says he wants to get to the starleague depot at the other end lost to the knowledge of men
– until now the starting point had been missing making the map useless
RDG stumbled across Hadley’s Hope which is the starting point he needed
– Mainwarring now having a mech, he doesn’t need the cache anymore to get his nobility back
– Tuk says he received word after things started going down with the Filthy Lucre that Schtiglets searched through the Majors stuff and found the info about the hidden facility and sold it to the head of the Filthy Lucre, Hawass
– Hawass only has half of the information about the cache and no one knows exactly what Schtiglets told them and if it was real or not
– Hawass is heading to Lyran area for refit of their ship
– Mainwarring says it’s important that we reach this cache before Hawass
– Mainwarring says that Col Hudson is aware of everything that Ebon and I were told along with the Duke of Robinson
– For political reasons the RDG Battalion needs to leave Royal within the next few weeks
– get all supplies together
– will have the Churchill
– Upon locating this cache the Duke of Robinson is entitled to half of what we find
– rest is left to the finders
– Tuk gives Ebon and I hugs and kisses
– Herrington wishes us luck
– Major General tells us that he didn’t see us and he wasn’t here
– Ebon and Sonya exit the room and Col Hudson mentions to Daz that now he’s familiar with the frustration of not having security clearance but that he might have it some day to know what they were just told
– Ebon, Sonya, the Col and Daz head to the briefing
– Mica receives a message from and informant from New Iverson and says he’s seen Jarod von Calmen and that he’s alive and in the custody of the Filthy Lucre
– Mica takes his Baron aside and informs him of the message he just received
– Meeting at the briefing room at 1500
– Mica stops us the officers on their way into the briefing room and takes them aside and tells them the message he just received
– Sonya mentions that it’s sadly not surprising but good to be confirmed that he’s alive and that this could be in our favor
– Sonya asks who else knows this information
– Mica says the Baron
– Sonya informs him that in the future the first people that need to be informed are the officers, not his loyalties to his Baron as they’re set aside for the whole of the RDG as a military unit
– Mica says he understands
– Col asks Claudia if the med issues have been taken care of in Port Royal
– she says yes
– Col mentions that everyone managed to find their RDG uniforms
– Wilton-Doyle speaks up saying she was able to get everyone outfitted
– Col walks up to the front of the room and tells Sonya that she can put everyone at ease
– Sonya gives the order and has everyone take a seat
– Sonya introduces the new members of the Company E
– Ranks for new recruits:
1st Leftenant Mica Torres-BuenDia, Battalion S-2 Intelligence
Subaltern Daz Hudson, Gray Lance Commander
Dragoon Isoku Reiko
Dragoon Arcadio BuenDia
Dragoon Recruit Jonathan Yamamoto
Dragoon Yaga Shurpu
– Col tells us that Dragoon Declain Raines is going to be helping in Port Royal for awhile
– Promotion for Cpl Elwood MacStevenson to Bvt 2Lft
– Lance structure for Company E:
~Red Lance (Command):
Bvt. Cpt. Eversole
Cpl Claudia Spencer
Dragoon Recruit Jon Yamamoto
~Gray Lance (Battle):
Subaltern Daz Hudson
DFC Darren MacStevenson
Dragoon Isoku Reiko
~Blue Lance (Fire):
1Lft Eben DeChevalier
DFC Iancu Koertig
Dragoon Yaga Shurpu
Dragoon Arcadio BuenDia
– gives limited info about their next mission
– the “official” story is we’re going to help the AFFS on the Kurita front
– the “unofficial” story is we’re going after the Filthy Lucre
– Wilton-Doyle says she’s been asked to stay on with the Battalion as Tech 4 (Cpl) S~T for Cpt Herrington
– task her with continuing to go through the records she said they found that could give incriminating evidence against the supposed “traitors”
– Sonya tasked Torres-Buendia to help
– Col gives some final briefing points about whose in charge of what and mentions that we have a road trip
– make sure that Torres-Buendia and Wilton-Doyle are staying to work on the intel
– everyone dismissed
– Torres-Buendia goes to help Wilton-Doyle with the records
– T-B meets up with W-D and they begin going through the records
– T-B starts about 2 weeks before RDG arrived back on Royal
– W-D starts further back
– an orderly brings in some coffee and doesn’t disturb the two at work
– T-B drinks the coffee then looks over and notices the oragami bird on the coffee plate
– T-B starts to feel ill and calls out to W-D to not drink the coffee
– Olivia panics and goes over to the intercom buzzing for the medical staff
– she asks what she’s supposed to do and they tell her to bring him to them
– Mica tells her that they’re not leaving and that the med staff needs to come to them
– Olivia pulls her sidearm and stands in the doorway after chambering a round
– Mica tells Olivia to help him into the hall and orders Olivia to stay in the room with the gun and the data behind a locked door
– Mica after some time starts to feel sweaty, dizzy and vision is a bit blurry but he’s still able to make his way to the infirmery since no one ever crossed his path from there in the hall
– gets to the infirmery and finds all of the staff unconscious
– Mica starts rifling through med supplies for anything that looks useful to be a general antidote and finds adrenaline to stick himself with
– he found the adrenaline needle with his vision getting a bit more blurry
– Mica sticks himself with the adrenaline
– Mica’s world explodes into definition and color and his heart feels like it’s going to beat out of his chest
– when Mica is able to focus, he finds himself on all fours with a needle in his chest when he hears a woman’s voice say that she’s impressed he’s still on his feet
– woman says the adrenaline will only give him an extra couple of minutes
– woman mentions that it was a smart move to leave Olivia in the “radio shack” and lock the door
– Mica attempts to throw the adrenaline needle at her and it hits, sticking in her shoulder
– she takes a few steps back out of the room and a few shots can be heard “pinging” into the metal walls of the infermery
– Mica calls using a personal radio to bridge saying there’s an assassin in the infermery
– Mica sees and then hears something sail through the door as there’s a “ping ping ping” as something lands in the infermery
– he dodges out of the way and as a pressure wave goes through the room
– when Mica’s ears quick ringing, he hears a commando trying to help him up and Mica tells him he’s poisoned
– a medic is called over and helps Mica up on a table and asks him what kind of poison was used
– Mica says it was in the coffee in the radio room
– medica shuffles through antedotes and finally finds something he hopes works and shoots it into Mica
– Mica says he’s starting to feel better after a few minutes
– Mica asks if they were able to catch the assassin
– medic says he’s not sure
– Farnsworth comes in and says they weren’t able to catch her and that she tranked two of the guards on her way out
– Farnsworth sends two of his commandos to go check on Olivia
– F mentions that the last time the assassin was here she fried Herringtons nervous system with that poison
– one of the commandos interrupts F to tell him he found something “odd”
– one of the airship docks has the door open and they found a data disk with an origami bird stuck to the top of it
– commando is dismissed and F takes the bird off of the disk and checks it out
– F hands the disc to Mica as the Int officer and says that Claudia should take a look at him when she gets back
– F says he’s going to go check on Olivia
– F asks if Mica’s ok to go back on duty to keep helping look over the data
– Mica says it’s too important to not continue
– Mica takes the disc to a private place with a data port not connected to the rest of the RDG computer systems to check out the data disc
– one file on the disc
– disc is encrypted and Mica manages to break the encryption
– the info shows that there’s a private kill contract (blood mark) for $250,000 on the disc for Elwood MacStevenson
– gives blind note drop for when Elwoods been killed
– Mica destroys the disc and makes a mental note to let Elwood know when he gets back
– Mica finds Farnsworth and lets him know what he found
– Mica advises F that there’s no details as to what Elwood did to get this blood mark
– Mica heads back to Olivia to work on the tapes
– F is standing outside the radio room talking to his commandos while he sends that sandwhich/coffee tray off to analyze
– meanwhile back on the shuttle for the rest of the group going on the road trip
– when we start to come to a stop, Col jumps up and tells us to get moving and welcomes us to the dark side of Geiss
– Col motions everyone to come over to one of the view ports
– Col tells the Pilot to roll back the heat shields
– looking out the viewport everyone sees there’s something in the distance with flashing lights
– realize you’re looking at a Dencourt mining station but along with it is the deralict jumpship we found that was housing the Robinson crew
– Count Dencourt has given the RDG the jumpship to use
– no name for the jumpship yet
– we have 30 minutes aboard to look around then get back planet-side
– after we dock with the jumpship
– Zero-G inside with technicians wearing patches with a variant of the RDG logo
– folks were hand-picked by the Counts for their loyalty and are attached to the RDG expedition
– Col introduces us to the leader of the Tech team: Chief Petty Officer Tex Shannahan
– Tex says Count Dencourt assigned him to work on the jumpship
– gives status report on the ship
– ship is roughly 500 meters long
– Tex pulls out a small red apple mentioning that the hydropnics are working
– says the jumpship is a great example of a starleague era Invader class jumpship
– docking collars are a bit finicky
– Sonya mentions that should be fixed before we head out
– Tex takes us to the bridge
– Claudia has her Geiger counter out checking for radiation levels since the ship was soaked with it last time we were on it
– Tex says we can go 30 light years in a hop
– Tex shows us where the grav deck is on our way to the bridge
– everyone arrives to the bridge and gets off the toe-line without injury
– Capt seat is centered in the middle of the room off the circular floor
– all stations are on articulation frames
– Tex says CiC is a deck above the bridge and sickbay is a deck below
– Claudia asks to see sickbay
– ER located on the grav deck (for surgery)
– Claudia asks what the med supplies look like and Tex says he doesn’t know
– Sonya asks when we can start moving supplies in
– Tex says immediately
– no Capt for the jumpship chosen yet so she needs a Capt and a crew
– Col says this will be our home away from home
– Col says part of the grav deck will be transitioned into sleeping quarters with them being rotated between Zero-G and grav deck
– Col says for us to get back on the shuttle back home
– shuttle returns to the Castle
– pilot comes over com of the shuttle and advises Dr Spencer to proceed to the infirmery at once
– Col Hudson is advised to contact Cpt Farnsworth immediately
– Ebon speaks to Koertig privately about his comments in the briefing earlier towards Yamamoto
– Ebon speaks to Shurpu privately and attempts to PT him until he’s dead aka if he tries to do anything close to the level or even anything less than what he did with the shooting of the Col’s car he’s going to be out of the unit and worse before all is said and done
**side GM note next time Shurpu shows up for RP half of his fatigue points on his char sheet will already be half filled
– Claudia heads to the infirmery and finds the three medics that are normally there are on the tables to be checked out
– commando tells her what happened in reference to the mess of her infirmery and shows her the tray with the coffee and sandwiches
– she asks where Mica is and when the commando says he’s not around she gets on the com to tell Mica to get his ass back into the infirmery or he’ll lose his stripes
– Mica reports back to the infirmery joined by his brother, Baron Buendia
– Claudia identifies the poison as something by a reptilian creature that’s normally fatal unless the antidote is administered in a timely manner which thankfully it was to Mica
– Claudia asks the commando medic how he knew which antidote to use since there were so many to choose from
– medic says he pretty much used an educated guess based off of something he read in a spy novel
– medic apologizes and says his boss is Cpt Farnsworth when Claudia gives him a piece of her mind that he should expect to be written up for “guessing” to an antidote that could have killed Mica
– Claudia addresses Mica and says she just wants to get the background of what happened and how the poison effected him and make sure he was in fact alright
– Claudia says that they need to update the Captain (Sonya) on what’s happened
EVERYONE (but Ebon and Shurpu) shows up at the infirmery
– Col makes his way through the crowd and addresses Claudia
– asks her what military organization allows her to tell a superior officer to get his ass anywhere
– she says he never should have been able to leave the infirmery without medical dismissal by an MD
– Col says he agrees with her but that they need to find a MD to be around to cover things when she’s not here
– Mica is OK’d by Doc to resume his work with Wilton-Doyle
– Sonya tells everyone this is isn’t a party and to relocate from the infirmery
– Mica says he’s got something he needs to tell Cpt Eversole
– Mica, Sonya and Daz walk down the hall to get “info”
– Mica divulges info about the assassin and the contract about the blood mark and the price on him
– Mica has good news about elite mechanics joining Company E as support and arriving tomorrow
– Sonya gives Daz and Mica the memo about not drinking the coffee “FYI
– Mica goes back to the radio room
– Daz goes back to his quarters and finds he has a message from Hunter Dencourt
– recorded message states: congrats cousin on getting assigned to Easy Co and hopes he enjoys his time there. as you’re now the Sr representative of Dencourt, wanted to let you know that a formal swordmaster to swordmaster challenge has been issued against Elwood. swordmaster of Livingstone from the Duke’s group has asked for a duel. i don’t think this is the best time for such things, but we have no choice but to formally accept. please let Elwood know and we’ll find a time in the next couple of days to get this over with. contact me if you need anything, i’ll be on Geiss. talk to you in a few days.
-FYI: Regent Uncle to Baron Buendia is left in charge of his lands while the Baron is off being a member of the RDg
– Arcadio has a message waiting for him in his quarters when he gets back from his Uncle
– Uncle states there was an unfortunate incident at one of their factories that involved industrial espionage who tried to make their way into one of the R&D offices of of the factory who was caught as not being one of the guards there and ran after incapacitating some of the guards on their way out
– Security camera still frame footage is attached but the pictures are nondescript
– Arcadio sends back a message saying to double the security of the factories, especially the R&D dept’s
– Arcadio lets Mica know of this incident and gives him the photos to see if he can run them through his “stuff” to figure out who the guy is in the photos
– Mica runs over the photos and looking at the pictures a little closer and notices that the skin tone of the mans face and neck do not match the same skin tone as his hands
– doesn’t look like the hands are wearing gloves and that the hands are a few shakes darker than the face/neck
– Koertig gets back to his room and finds he has a message from the Davion Heavy Guards
– man in message greets K and offers up a duel against their battalion duelist since K is touted as our best while they’re in the vicinity. stakes are 3 tons of AP auto-cannon ammo. warns K that their battalion duelist is fairly stout. if interested in taking the challenge, let us know what you’re willing to offer up.
– K lets Cpt Eversole and the Col know about the challenge and asks what he can offer up in return
~~Offline Sonya and Col will decide what K can offer up if K wins and will reply back with an accept to the dueling offer

Next meetup
– Deadeye duel
– K duel
– Meeting in front of the Lansraad
RDG has to leave at 1000 to be there by 1200 in Port Royal
– make sure all supplies are gathered to supply the jumpship, dropship including medical supplies, ammo, food, necessities and ensure all mechs and tanks are repaired as possible prior to our leaving along with as much extra spare armor, weapons and everything we might need to fix the mechs while we’re gone
– roll House fortunes for the other Houses there weren’t represented at today’s meeting

House Fortunes 7-16-11

House DeChevalier
– Raiders attack Aquaitain within the last week (diversinary raid)
– ordered by Filthy Luker
– didn’t get the memo that Filthy Luker was gone
– made up of folks from Royal (mercs); possibly from bad lands
– leader of raiding party was from the Filthy (leader died)
– repressed by House DeChevalier with survivers taken prisoner

House Dencourt
– Geiss is being visited by an important personage
– His Grace the Arch Duke Stevenson
– here to see what the situation on Royal is and figure out where to go from here
– heading east to head off Kurita as they’re pouring through the gap
– when His Grace arrives he’s briefed on the situation by Counts Eversole and Dencourt
– staying long enough to stabilize situation and then move along along
– his two sons were with him

House Eversole
– Amphibius force lands on Avalon
– Three cargo ships stolen from House Drake and House Hasak-Chan
– arrived and dropped off a large # of mercenary troopers
– insighted rebellion in Protenstant group
– rebellion is still ongoing
– Sasha Eversole barely escapes with her life from the Protestant part of the island

House BuenDia
– The house has just gaine some NPC’s (new personel)
– New engineering team
– High tech team of awesome chosen as NPC’s that will be added as the elite technicians
working on the mechs for RDG and travelling with Company E

House Isoku
– Epidemic disease (Rotavirus)
– Cause of Protestant rebillion as all medical supplies and personal have been sent to
Port Royal so there’s no help to quell the epidemic
– Attack force that hit Eversole attacked the water treatment facilities of the Protestant
group placing blame on House Isoku as it being a filthy Kurita plot


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