Black Betty


Mech Hammerhands HMH-3BB (HMH-3D refit)
Mass: 75 tons
Chassis: Achernar Special Type 4-reinforced
Power Plant: DAV 225
Maximum Speed: 54 km/h
Jump Jets: Rawlings 50
Jump Capacity: 3 hexes
Armor: StarGuard III
2x Mydron Model B Autocannon/10s
3x Martel Medium Lasers

Manufacturer: Achernar Battlemechs
Primary Factory: New Avalon
Communications System:
Targeting and Tracking System:

Equipment Mass
Internal Structure: 7.5
Engine: 225 10
Walking MP: 3
Running MP: 5
Jumping MP: 3
Heat Sinks: 13 3
Gyro: 3.0
Cockpit: 3
Armor Factor: 114 223
Internal Structure Armor Value
Head 3 9
Center Torso 23 32
Center Torso (rear) 12
R/L Torso 16 20
R/L Torso (rear) 11
R/L Arm 12 24
R/L Leg 16 30
Weapons Location Critical Tonnage Ammo
Autocannon/10 Left Arm 7 12 20
Autocannon/10 Right Arm 7 12 20
Medium Laser (T) Left Torso 1 1
Medium Laser Left Torso 1 1
Medium Laser Right Torso 1 1

After mis-jumping to the lost colony of Hadley’s Hope, the Royal Dragoon Guards liberated a derelict Hammerhands HMH-3D missing the critical DAV 225 power plant. The initial idea was to either reuse a power plant from a damaged mech or part the massive 75 ton war machine out to increase the weaponry and armor of the RDG’s already impressive company of mechs. Upon returning to Royal and hearing of the developments that had occurred since Company E’s incursion into Kurita space, it was a stroke of luck that Count DeChevalier had finally discovered the SLDF Fusion plant hidden in Aquitaine and that it was capable of producing the DAV 225. Pledging the first such engine to the Dragoons, the Hammerhands was rebuilt and assigned to Sergeant Major Eben Doyle, the only DeChevalier mech warrior in the Dragoons.

The Hammerhands was repainted in a dark urban camouflage and the fading nose art of a raven haired temptress was touched up to produce what SGM Doyle started calling Black Betty. A refit removed the original Harpoon-6 Short Range Missile rack and added a third Martel Medium Laser on the SRM-6 stalk on the left torso. A turret system has been installed for the third Medium Laser, enabling a rear fire arc if necessary. The remaining tonnage was mounted as armor, significantly boosting the survivability of this design. The refit was named the HMH-3BB by the House BuenDia technicians that performed the work.

Black Betty

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