Viscount Nicholai Orso

Brother-in-law of Daniel DeChevalier, Lord Marshall of the House DeChevalier Armed Forces, and Viscount in the County of Aquitaine


The second hereditary holder of the Viscounty Orso, Nicholai is the older brother to Count DeChevalier’s wife, Anastasia. As such, he also played the part as Daniel’s older brother and friend when the Count was a shadow child under the first Viscount, Nicomo Orso.

A powerful man within County Aquitaine, Nicholai is the Lord Marshall in charge of the DeChevalier House Armed Forces, making him Eben’s Uncle and Commanding Officer within the DHAF.

After the invasion by the Filthy Lucre and the creation of the Armed Forces of the Duchy of Royal under Viscount Richard Mainwaring, Nicholai will pledge his experience and his custom Griffin GRF-1N “Viking” to the defense of Royal.


Viscount Nicholai Orso

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