CSM Iancu Koertig

Battlemech Simulations Expert & Coffee Brewer Extraordinaire


NAME: Körtig/Koertig, Iancu (aka Ian)

HOMEWORLD: Royal (Royal IIB)

PRIMARY MOS: MechWarrior

Infantry Small Arms
Ground Infantry Qualified
MechWarrior Basic Course
Aptitude for Mech Weaponry
Demolitions Training
Varied Technician Skills

Physical Description:

Iancu Koertig stands just under two meters tall, shoulders square and chest puffed out. If he didn’t look so uptight and confident, he might seem little more than ordinary Dencourt, or some might still say he does.

His eyes are striking upon closer inspection revealing steel blue against the light brown color of Iancu’s hair and his slightly tanned skin. His face is oddly out of sync, with feature seeming to clash. On his left side of his face he has start of feint scarring from a spin cycle through a coral reef that traveling down to his left arm and around to his back in a broken, jagged path.

His athletic build fills out the tight under-layer he wears but the loosely fitted coat and typical half rolled sleeves would hide the extent of his physical condition if it weren’t for the open front revealing sculpted abs through under-armor athletic shirt and a tight standard issue RDG T-shirt.

His left arm throws the symmetry of his dress, with a long dark sleeve that runs down to form a glove around his hand as well. Anyone familiar with the exotic Dencourt fighting forms will instantly recognize it. During his off time, Iancu often wears clothing emblemed with the crest of House Davion or tees depicting famous Solaris VII fighters and their mechs.

Iancu is rarely without his cross-draw autopistol strapped across his waste nestled against a vibrodagger and simplistic combat knife. Balancing out his waist sits a small pouch and assortment of trowing knives. At the small of his back rests his Dencourt issue Shock-glove, compressed into ‘stowed’ form, and attached to its holster. A quick slip of his hand into the finger holes and a tight clench later, the armored shock-glove is released and wrapped around the users hand and forearm.

In battles on foot, Iancu wears a concealed upper body armor designed to protect against both ballistic and laser weaponry. In addition to his autopistol, a sonic stunner may also be seen on his person. For matters of required stealth, Iancu also packs has dark clothing that’s relatively form fitting and silent during movement, as well as night vision goggles and an assortment of nondescript clothing.

Vehicle/Battlemech History:

Upon entrance into the Royal Dragoon Guard, Iancu was dispossessed and without title. After Easy Company returned from Tripoli, he joined them just before their deployment to Misery. There he was assigned to a Rifleman RFL-3N whose previous pilot, Cpt. Harrington, had received crippling injuries from the assassin Serena Marquand, preventing his continued service as a mech pilot.

In battle at Marcou’s Pass, Iancu piloted it for the first time scoring to kills on enemy aerospace fighters and coring the Kuritan Company Commander’s Phoenix Hawk, preventing his escape and allowing the RDG to capture its Tek Battlecom computer system from the PHX-1, including the current cypher codes for the Kuritan battle net.

The current status of the Rifleman’s ownership is unclear but it is understood that while Harrington is unable to preform due to his nerve injuries, Iancu Koertig has been granted position as its current pilot. He has taken the liberty to have the the Imperator A medium class autocannons and medium laser stripped and replaced with 2 Particle Projection Cannons and five additional heat sinks.


STR 4 0 400
BOD 4 0 400
RFL 7 0 700
DEX 7 0 700
INT 7 0 700
WIL 4 0 400
CHA 4 0 400
EDG 8 0 800


TITLE 2 200 MechWarrior of the House of DeFalt
ENEMY -2 -200 Enemy (Rival MechWarrior)

TRAIT Note TP Max TP Min Active? XP TP
|Alternate ID |2 |2 |No |0 |0|
|Alternate ID |2 |2 |No |0 |0|
|Alternate ID |2 |2 |No |0 |0|
|Alternate ID |2 |2 |No |0 |0|
|Ambidextrous |2 |2 |No |0 |0|
OPP |Animal Antipathy |1 |1 |Yes |-100 |-1|
OPP |Attractive |2 |2 |No |0 |0|
|Bloodmark |-1 |-5 |No |0 |0|
|Citizenship |2 |2 |No |0 |0|
OPP |Combat Sense |4 |4 |Yes |400 |4|
|Compulsion/Overheat |-1 |-5 |Trivial(Quirk) |-100 |-1|
|Compulsion/Smoking |-1 |-5 |Trivial(Quirk) |-100 |-1|
|Compulsion |-1 |-5 |No |0 |0|
|Connections |10 |1 |No |0 |0|
|Custom Vehicle |4 |1 |Random (Own Affiliation) |0 |0|
|Dark Secret |-1 |-5 |No |0 |0|
|Dependent |-1 |-2 |No |0 |0|
|Enemy |-1 |-10 |See Ref Table Tab |-100 |-1|
|Enemy |-1 |-10 |No |0 |0|
|Enemy |-1 |-10 |No |0 |0|
|Equipped |8 |-1 |D/B/B |0 |0|
|Exceptional Attribute |2 |2 |No |0 |0|
|Exceptional Attribute |2 |2 |No |0 |0|
|Extra Income |10 |-10 |$- |0 |0
OPP |Fast Learner |-3 |3 |No |0 |0|
|Fit |2 |2 |No |0 |0|
OPP |Good Hearing |1 |1 |No |0 |0|
OPP |Good Vision |1 |1 |No |0 |0|
OPP |Gregarious |1 |1 |No |0 |0|
|G-Tolerance |1 |1 |No |0 |0|
|Handicap |-1 |-5 |No |0 |0|
|Illiterate |-1 |-1 |No |0 |0|
OPP |Impatient |-1 |1 |Yes |-100 |-1|
|Implant/Prosthetic |6 |1 |No |0 |0|
|Implant/Prosthetic |6 |1 |No |0 |0|
|Implant/Prosthetic |6 |1 |No |0 |0|
|In For Life |-3 |-3 |Yes |-300 |-3|
|Lost Limb |-1 |-5 |No |0 |0|
|Natural Aptitude |5 |3 |Yes (Advanced Skill) |500 |5|
|Natural Aptitude |5 |3 |No |0 |0|
|Pain Resistance |3 |3 |No |0 |0|
|Phenotype |0 |0 |No |0 |0|
|Poison Resistance |2 |2 |No |0 |0|
|Property |10 |1 |No |0 |0|
|Rank |15 |1 |No |0 |0|
|Reputation |5 |-5 |Known Bad Rep |-100 |-1
|Sixth Sense |4 |4 |No |0 |0|
|TDS |-1 |-1 |No |0 |0|
OPP |Tech Empathy |-3 |3 |No |0 |0|
OPP |Thick-Skinned |-1 |1 |No |0 |0|
|Title |10 |3 |No |0 |0|
OPP |Toughness |3 |3 |No |0 |0|
|Unlucky |-2 |-10 |No |0 |0|
|Vehicle Level |12 |1 |Disposessed |0 |0|
|Wealth |10 |-1 |$ |1,000.00 |0 |0

Language/English +0 8/SA 20
Language/Affiliation +0 8/SA 20
Perception UN 7/SB 10
Protocol/Federated Suns UN 9/CA 0

Iancu grew up not wealthy but financially secure. His mother held a stable job an official at the local spaceport handling pickups of ore purchases. He was far separated from most of the nobles on Geiss and thus he knew the streets fairly well though he kept mostly out of trouble. The population on a moon isn’t quite large enough to hold a large slum or many criminals. Most peoples families had purposeful jobs working for House Dencourt or representing other Royal minor houses.

Iancu was athletic in the early years of his youth, despite growing up on a moon colony and he participated in the few sports offered to children on Geiss. He enrolled in a scout program since his mother was often busy working and she thought that it would keep him out of trouble. Iancu learned basic survival skills during his Scouts trips to Royal. His sector of the moon had less children than most so he grew up hanging around a few close friends in the Scouts program and dreamt big.

Iancu wasn’t home very often. When he wasn’t at school or at his friends’, he frequented a few of the local bars and diners that served as nearly the sole entertainment centers in the district – one in particular that had a few basic mech simulator. Just a over simplified cockpit: a chair, mech controls, and a few buttons; but it’s simulator programming was remarkably realistic. Iancu and his friends would use them to supplement their stylus-and-datapad ‘Succession War’ mechwarrior RPG. They worked out a deal with the owner to use one of the small event rooms once a week. Iancu and the gang got good on the sims; real good. But the others admitted they had nothing on him. Iancu seems to be a natural, knowing the mechs inside out and when to push the envelope.

Iancu was there when a group of military guys happened in and saw Iancu on the sims and a mechwarrior from Royal who had been attached to house Eversole challenged him after a long winded spiel about how no moon gnome could come close to him. After being thoroughly embarrassed by a kid, the mechwarrior bashed the simulator and started for Iancu. The man swung but Iancu’s quick reflexes over came the soldier’s cross and he took the guy out no different than any other punk he grew up fighting on the “streets” growing up.

The mechwarrior’s superior officer interceded and offered to have the youth shipped down and trained as a mechwarrior. Few nobles wanted to commit their family mechs to the Royal militia and new conscripts were needed regardless. Before he could reply, a Dencourt officer heard about the incident from a cousin who was there and offered to let him join their military and send him to the nearest thing to military school. Iancu, a strong supporting loyalist to House Davion and to a lesser, but still extravagant, extent House Dencourt, took the Dencourt officer’s offer and he was enrolled and enlisted.

Iancu joined up and under went military training under House Dencourts superb program, though it lacked in the traditional disciplinary structure. He took lesson in not only mech piloting but also extensive infantry training. He excelled at the native combat style of a sword and shock-glove which he adopted a knife to because he was more familiar with it. His proficiency with small arms rapidly rose but he found it worked better with smaller weapons: especially with pistols which he learned to use in addition to a shock-glove as well.

Upon reaching the point where he could pilot a the real deal, he learned first hand the scarcity of mechs and those available were owned by noble families with long lines of succession to each. With nowhere to assign Koertig, House Dencourt lent him to the upstart militia pet-project on Royal. With no real position, Duke von Kalmon had Iancu placed on the training staff for mechwarrior’s of a few minor nobles who had been sent to participate in the rotational standing battlemech force in Port Royal. He was assigned the simulator pod-bay where he would spend the rest of his days instructing up until he was transferred into the dragoon project of the Major Mainwaring at the request House Dencourt, looking to maintain their apparent military dominance.

CSM Iancu Koertig

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