Sonya Eversole

Commanding Officer of Easy Company


NAME: LName, FName, MI
DOB: 1 JAN 2890
HOMEWORLD: Royal (Royal II)
COUNTY: Eversole/Dencourt/DeChevlaier/Cameron


STR 4 0 400
BOD 4 0 400
RFL 4 0 400
DEX 4 0 400
INT 4 0 400
WIL 4 0 400
CHA 4 0 400
EDG 4 0 400


TITLE 2 200 MechWarrior of the House of DeFalt
ENEMY -2 -200 Enemy (Rival MechWarrior)


Language/English +0 8/SA 20
Language/Affiliation +0 8/SA 20
Perception UN 7/SB 10
Protocol/Federated Suns UN 9/CA 0


01 AUG 3014 Joined the Royal Dragoons
31 JUL 3014 Important Event
14 MAR 3013 Important Event
22 SEP 3011 Important Event
01 JAN 2995 Born Somewhere

Ten Questions with Sonya Eversole

You have travelled to Port Royal to become a member of the Royal Dragoons, a new unit to be trained by Major Sir Richard Mainwaring, former AFFS Battalion Commander, dispossessed several years ago and now serving the Count of Royal as an instructor. After arrival at Port Royal, you are ushered to a waiting area with other candidates from all the Houses Minor of Royal. Most are cliquishly staying with their own households – or known allies. Your name is called, and you are brought into a small, Spartan office. A man is working busily at the desk, with a single datapad and a large pile of hardcopy folders. He is wearing a Household uniform adorned with the symbol of the House of Mainwaring, but looks far too young to be the Major himself. He looks up at you over his wire-rimmed glasses, and you notice the two green bars on either side of his uniform collar.

Sonya Eversole enters the office in the blue service dress uniform of the House of Eversole. She obviously has some training, as evidenced by her tone and demeanor. She is a bit haughty, having grown used to being treated according to her station as a noblewoman. She is stunningly attractive, much like her twin sister Sasha, but has none of Sasha’s light and frivolous attitude.

“I’m not sure what you’re used to, but from here on out when you’re asked to report to a superior, you enter the office and announce yourself from the position of attention.” His voice is calm, and rather quiet. As he stands, you see that the left sleeve of his uniform is empty, and pinned to! the side of the jacket. “My name is Captain Basil Harrington, I’m the Major’s adjutant. It is my job to find out a bit more about you than exists in these… files… the Houses have sent, and determine whether or not you’re Royal Dragoon material. Sir Richard doesn’t want to waste his time – or yours – if we can determine right now that you’re not going to be able to make the cut. You will receive no special treatment due to social status or lack thereof. Each recruit is a recruit first and every! thing else later. You will learn what we want to teach you when we want to teach it without question or complaint. You may have pride in your House Minor but here, you are a member of a single unit. We will have no inter-House warfare carrying over to this training program. Still here? Good. For the record, I need you to verify what my files here say.”

“My name is Sonya Eversole, heir to the House of Eversole. I was born in Davenport on the 12th of September of 2895.”

“Thank you. Mercifully, it seems the dossier here was actually correct. Now, since bare words on a white page rarely tell the true story of a person… Tell me about yourself. I’d be most interested in your educational background, prior martial training or experience, any travel offworld- anything interesting about yourself.”

“I have been apprenticed as a MechWarrior since I was ten. I have been offworld, to New Ivaarsen with my father, so I have some experience in zero-g, and with K-F travel. I’ve been trained not only in the arts of the MechWarrior, but also in the protocol and strategy I will need when I take the throne of the House. Leadership and Administration training, you see.”

“I see, I see. Now, your House Minor. I know what your dossier says, but I want to know how you feel about it. What is your position within the House, and what are the House’s strengths – and dare I ask weaknesses? Do you have title in your own right, are you an heir, a retainer?”

“I am the heir to the House of Eversole. You are new to our world, so I will forgive your not knowing our reputation for fairness and justice. We are not the most militarily powerful, nor the most wealthy, but my father’s is a voice to which many listen on matters of governance and policy. We have some troubles to the South, but those are being addressed.”

“And your House… Do you have any particular allies or enemies amongst the other Houses Minor? I need to know if there will be problems, so I can make sure to separate the real trouble into the various training companies we will be forming. Also – do you have any particular opinions of the Great Houses? I imagine being on the Draconis Combine border you’d have a few opinions about House Kurita at least.”

“Know thine enemy. Beyond that, we have no outright enemies, but nor do we have strong allies. Our isolation on the Isle of Avalon provides us the luxury of standing alone. We can assist as needed under our great Count. Long live Joseph Davion, and the great Federated Suns.”

“I see. Now, if I were to ask you what the two greatest strengths were you were bringing to the Royal Dragoons as a trainee, what would they be?”

“Previous MechWarrior Training, of course, and the prestige of the Royal Dragoons having a member of the House of Eversole as a member.”

“Quite. Now, on the opposite side of the coin. If I asked you what your two most serious flaws were, what would you say? Do you have any… quirks… we should be aware of?”

“I, sir, am an Eversole. I have no flaws.”

“Now, that said – what are your personal goals. Short term, long term… Why do you want to be a part of Sir Richard’s training program?”

“I am a part of Sir Richard’s training program because I have to be. My goal is to take over for my father as Heir when the time comes. I am not necessarily allowed to have any other goals.”

“Excellent. Now, a little more personal. What are your interests, hobbies… general likes?”

“One does not have have time for hobbies when one is an heir.”

“And the opposite. What are the things you dislike actively?”

“Those who cannot be content with their place in the world. Such as those who look to usurp the rightful place of the nobility.”

“Thank you for the information. Return to the other applicants. If you hear your name called to board the transport, do so quickly and in an orderly manner. Dismissed.”

Sonya Eversole

The Royal Dragoon Guards - Adventures in the Third Succession War Sorsha

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