Count Daniel DeChevalier

Hereditary Ruler of County Aquitaine

NAME: DeChevalier, Daniel
DOB: 03 APR 2864 (age 51)
HOMEWORLD: Royal (Royal II)
SPOUSE: Orso, Anastasia
ISSUE: DeChevalier, Paul (deceased)
DeChevalier, Eben (heir apparent)
PERSONAL HOLDINGS Montblanc (capitol city of Aquitaine)
Chateau de Belloq
Ambergris Mining Ltd
Royal/DC Fusion
D&D Armaments (with Count Dencourt)

Born the second son of then Duke Henry DeChevalier, Daniel began life as a shadow child under the foster care of the Duke’s close friend Viscount Nicomo Orso. He was raised according to this DeChevalier custom as Nicomo’s third child (the other older children being Nicholai and Anastasia). Flashy and arrogant in his youth, Daniel knew from an early age that he was the second heir to the throne of Royal, but outside of immediate family and friends this was a closely guarded secret.

He was well provided for by his father and was afforded the best schools and entrance into the Aaron DeChevalier Military Academy as an officer, as well as enterance into the Davion MechWarrior Academy on New Avalon where he studied with and eventually became friends with future Prince Joseph Davion II.

At age 22, Daniel caused quite the scandal when he was caught having a romantic relationship with his “sister” Anastasia at a time she was betrothed to Baron Carmine Liraste. In order to save face, Baron Liraste challenged Daniel to a duel for robbing him of his bride and embarrassing him at court. On the day of the duel, Baron Liraste and the Liraste sword master Leopold Kohr showed up to the field of battle. By the time Daniel and the Orso sword master showed, the Duke had arrived with an armed escort and the House DeChevalier sword master Delphine de Fer, a woman regarded as the best sword arm on the planet. The Duke announced before those present that Daniel Orso was really Daniel DeChevalier and as such Baron Liraste was challenging the Duchy and not one of his equals. The Duke sympathized with the Baron and informed him that with this new information he would be given the option to withdraw with a sizable gift of land from the Duke, thus restoring Liraste’s sense of honor and compensating him for the lost dowry. Sensing a grand opportunity to show up the Duke and gain prestige in the Landsraad, Liraste held through with his claim, challenging Daniel.

Since Daniel was now a legalized heir to DeChevalier, Dauphine volunteered to duel in the stead of the Orso sword master. As per the Code duello, it was decided that the fight would end at first blood. As De Fer and Kohr squared off, silence reigned over the field. It was a pretty even match for most of the time with Kohr’s strength fueled attack style against De Fer’s speedy defenses. In a match that lasted nearly 20 minutes, De Fer’s much lighter blade ended up snapping against the much heavier steel of Kohr’s. With the strength behind Kohr’s blow his sword sliced through De Fer’s arm, severing it above the elbow. It was an accidental wound, but it pleased Liraste greatly. In effect, Baron Liraste had not only gained prestige among those who opposed the Duke politically by winning the duel, but had also robbed him of his sword master.

Duke DeChevalier was royally angry at this turn of events. He had already been losing face with the Landsraad over his decision to move his seat of power to the middle of an unclaimed desert, and now he had lost the best sword master on the planet and had to deal with the political fall out of the scandal with his son. In order to help smooth over the scandal with Daniel, he and Anastasia were married in a large state wedding. No monetary dowry was payed by Viscount, instead Orso began campaigning within the Landsraad to help improve the image of the Duke.

Daniel moved into his father’s new estate, Chateau de Belloq, and was put in charge of building the city of Montblanc on the northern face of the Capetian Mountains. He was also given explicit instructions to send mineral survey parties out into the adjoining mountain chains with specific instructions to look for non-naturally occurring cavern entrances. The survey teams did find the sealed off entrance to Castle Bastion, an old subterranean SLDF base. Duke DeChevalier thought Castle Bastion might be the entrance to a lost Star League fusion reactor manufacturing facility he had been feverishly looking for. Thirty years after the Amaris coup the base was stripped and sealed as a danger since the radioactive levels were reading not safe for humans. Daniel’s survey team found the cause of the radioactive leak in a series of mech bays that had been sealed and forgotten in a cave-in, a nearly complete Battleaxe BKX-7NC with a severe reactor malfunction. The Battleaxe was spirited away to Chateau de Belloq to be restored by Daniel’s personal technician, Jacob Doyle.

Daniel kept the survey teams looking for years, locating several rich mineral deposits, but he ran into an issue with a lawless element in the mountains.

Count Daniel DeChevalier

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