The Royal Dragoon Guards - Adventures in the Third Succession War

Wild Cards: Blood and Money

Two months after MORNING STAR and the death of the ComGuard’s Precentor Martial Javinus, the Royal Dragoon Guards made the final jump to the Royal system to be officially released from SLDF duty. Upon arrival at the pirate point they made a disturbing discovery, Royal was under blockade! All long range communications were jammed by the HPG facility and interdiction was enforced by a pocket warship bearing the now familiar ComStar logo. While the SLS Rising Star was able to drive off the other warship, it now fell to the RDG and the armed resistance on Geiss to drive the invading mercenaries off of Royal’s sovereign soil.

In a two part operation which would later be recorded as MAJESTIC SWORD, the combined SLDF and RDG force assaulted the Warforged manufacturing facility near House Dencourt’s county seat, dealing with Kurita mercenaries and tanks designed for use by Royal. At the same time, the Royal Resistance, made partly of Dencourt regulars and members of the Wild Card’s Battalion made a daring orbital drop raid that liberated the Landsraad complex from forces allied with ComStar.

Now with the RDG home and command officially transferred back to LT Eben DeChevalier, the focus shifted from the Dragoons on Royal to the mercenaries of the Wild Card Battalion as they continued their recruiting drive, finishing off their last leg on the Marik planet Devil’s Rock. The veterans of the Royal Resistance arrived to find SGT Jasika Lain had been kidnapped by old cohorts of hers, a gang that was growing influence, the Iron Sun. In what turned into a gun battle with organ thieves, the Cards were able to retrieve what was left of their sergeant and leave Devil’s Rock, playing an instrumental part in breaking the corrupt government.

Back on Galatea and the Wild Card’s compound in the heart of the badlands, the Wild Card recruits met their new commanding officer, LT Emily Duschaine, a cigar chomping veteran of the Bloody Diamonds. She has been charged with taking these recruits and turning them into the Joker’s Wild, the third company of the Wild Card Battalion. With the other two companies of the Card’s gone on mission, Lt. Duschaine began drilling the recruits in combined arms tactics, the bread and butter that MAJ Barnabus Card is known for.

When a mission to settle a local dispute “off the books” between two merc groups is offered, LT Duschaine jumps at the chance to put the Joker’s through their paces. While en route, the shuttles are shot down and the Joker’s have to set out on foot through the badlands, avoiding a recon Jenner and finally meeting up with another mercenary group camping near an oasis the Joker’s desperately need to secure in order to survive. After a meal of home made stew and Luthien saki, the Joker’s prepare for a night of rest before continuing on their mission only to find out that they were set up! The mercenaries they were hunting had come to them, no doubt tipped off by the mercs buttoned up in the drop ship. After a battle of non-lethal weapons fire, the Joker’s were able to turn the tables and defeated the force. In the ensuing investigation and plans of retribution, a realization came to light: the entire mission was a training exercise that all new Wild Cards has to partake in. Everything from the shuttle attack, to the Jenner, to the rival companies was all carefully orchestrated by MAJ Card as the Bloody Diamonds and Broken Hearts return from their mission to initiate the new recruits.

Now back on base, fed and clean, the Joker’s get their first real mission: Garrison Duty in the Lothian League!



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