The Royal Dragoon Guards - Adventures in the Third Succession War

Misdirection Afoot

July 28
The team made a scheduled jump and when they arrived in system they were greeted by a pulsing beacon. The beacon gave them several messages. One was a message that the mech forces had to deal with. The second was addressed to Mica Torres Buendia. He was to receive a package and needed to rendezvous with his contact. The tanks and some of the personnel were to standby and assist if need be. While on the planet some of the men were kidnapped but it went unnoticed for a time. The city’s ambassador let us know about the lay of the land and how things work. While we were waiting the ground team was called together and given a brief. That is when it was noticed that Kick Ass and 5 other tankers were missing. Mica reported in that he thought his meeting was suspicious as he was just being sent to location to location without meeting anyone. It was decided that finding the tankers was the higher priority. A witness from the town arrived he was told to keep watch for anything out of the ordinary. He had seen some men being carried from a van to an alley. He gave as much detail as he was able to and then went with the team to investigate. The area was a down town district with multilevel buildings. It had several shops on the bottom floor and office space on the floors above. Upon arriving the team quickly surveyed the area and collected data from the numerous cameras in the area. It was determined which alley the captives were taken down. The team followed their hunches and infiltrated a laundry cleaner and they found a secret entrance to the sewers. Going down the ladder they saw a bed which led them to believe they were on the right track. Once they found trip alarms their suspicions were confirmed. The sewer eventually led them to a clean area that came to a thick metal door. When going through the portal they found another door that was guarded by one man in a Combat Suit of some kind (sans helmet). Quick on the draw they were able to down the guard before anything happened. However the complex was alerted to intruders. The team decided to go into the facility to find the immediate area empty. They were given a heads up that security teams were on their way by the radio of the downed guard. After a brief battle the team was able to communicate with the organization they had infiltrated only to find that they truly did not know of their comrades. They met with the aid of Col. Helmut Wagner (Lt. Schiller). He was far too slimy to be trusted. Indeed it seemed that he was working as a double agent. They eventually found where the tankers were taken and discovered that they were looking for information and it only took the lives of 4 tankers to make Kick Ass and the other tanker talk. (That has not been verified) The team found the unconscious bodies of Kick Ass and the tanker at one of the locations that Mica was to go and recover a package from the original message. The ground team made their way back to the ship.



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