The Royal Dragoon Guards - Adventures in the Third Succession War

A Slight Miss Jump

Saturday April 28, 2012

Members in attendance…Bobby, Ed, Emily, Randi, Raul, Scott, and Trenton

The adventure started in Galatea.
The crew opened the scene with a discussion on the checks and balances of assisting the farmers on Zebebelgenubi. The farmers were being harassed by mechs and tanks. They had little to offer in the way of payment. The amount of money they were offering was not enough to hire a mercenary band of sufficient force to rid the community of the terror that plagues the planet. In the end the group decided to assist Herr Schmitt and the farmers.
Capt. Buchanan called Herr Schmitt using his alias (Major Harrington). I changed his accents while speaking as Herr Schmitt. There was much laughing after it happened. Herr Schmitt arrived at the hotel. Security escorts Herr Schmitt to the party in the boardroom and then leaves. After Major Harrington informs Herr Schmitt that the company will accept the job and save the planet, he breaks down in tears. Major Harrington is able to reassure the man that the company is happy to assist. The man is so happy afterwards that he wants to break the news to the members of his community right away. The Major has to remind him that operational security is of the upmost importance and that for the time being we would like to have Herr Schmitt remain with us during the entire mission. He is to be escorted to his hotel to gather his belongings and taken to the drop ship. He agrees stating that he understands the need for secrecy.
Lady Eversole is getting the drop ship loaded with the goods that were donated. Capt. Buchanan arrives at the drop ship and gets the run down. He invites Lady Eversole to diner for an important discussion. During the diner he explains that he is recommending her for knight hood in the New Avalon Church. He speaks to her on the requirements of being a member of the order. Also covers her merits and the reason that he thinks she should accept this appointment should her application get approved by the church. Lady Eversole asks for more information on the order since she has heard of them but she does not know too much about the order. After a brief discussion of what the order is about and individuals do in the order, the drop ship continues on its way to the jump ship.
Once on the jump ship the company is called to order in the war room. They call Capt. Sturmann in and inform him of the group’s next stop, relaying that it will be a combat zone. The jump ship captain leaves to make preparations for the jump and leaves the combat preparations to Capt. Buchanan. After a discussion on tactics it is decided that the group use a threefold attack. The drop ship will launch and the air support will time their departure so that they will reach the destination 30 before the drop ship. The drop ship will combat drop the entire Mech Company which will land moments after the air support make their first recon/ strafing run. The Mechs will land on a clear field away from the city side of the base. The drop ship will continue on to the city side of the base and land. The tanks and support crews will depart the ship. A security escort will take Herr Schmitt to the city government to get him out of possible danger. The crew did discuss the fact that this could be no more than an attempt to stall the group from reaching their objective for this mission. However it is decided that no matter what it is we cannot stand by while the occupation of Zebebelgenubi continues.
The drop ship docks with the jump ship and the group makes a bad jump. The ship is hit by an object and the sensor operator announces that there is a contact. The lights of the ship had just gone out. The ship made a jump to a gas giant named Belzinga. Captain Sturmann orders contact with the derelict ship without success. They do finally get the S.O.S. signal but it is very weak. They make the decision to investigate and see how they will be able to assist the other ship. A team of people are going to go over our jump ship to see if we have damage if any we sustained. A large piece of shrapnel is found in a section of the ship and the crew prepares to make repairs.
The crew is sending Captain Buchanan, 1st Lt. DeChevalier, Baron BuenDia, Doctor Duqesne, DR Eversole, CSM Koertig, and DR Durova to investigate the other jump ship “The Galaga”. The ship is in sections and is held together by metal cables. Eben DeChevalier noticed something interesting about the damage which they investigate later. Upon looking at the view port the team notices that there are 4 people in the bridge. The crew manages to dock with the maintenance hatch on the top of the ship. The team makes it way to the bridge and rescues the remaining crew members. Then the search of the front of the ship reveals one more live crew member. The crew also discovers two cases in FS Duerman’s room. There are uniforms with a strange rank insignia which they later discover is the intelligence branch. The cases contain a communication unit of some sort that was covered in a cloaking like material and a case of Kroner Bills. Further investigation they grab a diplomatic pouch, and the captain’s data pad. They get a dump of the ships information from the systems on-board as well as the captain’s papers.
In the rear of the ship, the teams find 4 prisoners, and the saboteur. Koertig being faster on the draw is able to kill the traitor before he can bring his gun to bear. They get his package containing his orders and C-Bills. The team was able to recover a prototype crossbow mech and some ammunition for it. They collected all dog tags of the dead members to give to the Steiner government.
They interrogated the prisoner which turned out to be just Austrian prisoners of war. They spoke with the members of their crew and pieced together that this jump ship had several different missions. First and foremost was to replace the troops that are stationed on a base. Diplomatic mission on board was to affect a prison exchange. The Ambassador’s aide gave the rescuers the bracelets that were intended as opening peace offerings. Inside each was a message for someone with the exception of one message that was directed for Warlord BuenDia.

Warlord’s Message:
I hope this note finds you in good health Warlord. Oh and by the way don’t bother trying to find out who delivered this message. They are doing so without knowing the contents.
I would continue with some pleasantries but they would be pointless at this time. So I will get straight to the point. Your father, may he rest in peace, was first and foremost a businessman. He was also my friend. He and I had an arrangement that I would provide him some how shall I put this? Financial backing in exchange for certain services. I assume that being his son that you are the spitting image of my dearest friend. I also assume that we can come to the same kind of arrangement. One thing your father stated he wanted most was to build an army of mechs to rule his little part of the world. I know that you have three in your household. What if I can promise you that I will not only financially support you in this but I will donate four mechs to your house? All I ask in return is that you sabotage your current mission. It does not have to end in fatality just a delay of say a month. I am almost at my goal and will need some time to affect some….repairs. There is no need to leave me a reply if I have any unwanted visitors at my destination then I will know you declined. Also if the equipment I need to…uh repair is not there then you have declined. Hope to see long and fruitful relation continuing.

- Your father’s best friend
Other coded message:
ACBD 1252553367959444555

The group figured out that the traitor was going to be picked up in another 5 hours. So the jump ship cruised out as far away as they could to, in hopes that they will not be detected. They had passive sensors on while the other jump ship was in the area. House Kurita used a military jump ship (Midnights Dream) to come in and grab the prototype mech that was no longer on board. The jump ship after a brief search made a second jump to leave the system.



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