“A Dark Age has engulfed the Human Sphere, the result of more than two centuries of bitter and endless war. Where once a united Star League ruled, five splitered Successor States now struggle for dominion. In their wars, each House seeks mastery over the others, but none can conquer unaided, and none can be trusted as an ally. Thus campaign succeeds campaign and battle follows battle – all without lasting victory or defeat. Men die and worlds are smashed, but the wars go ever on. Along the periphery, thousands of planets have fallen into chaos, savagery and barabarism. They are ruled by men who are nothing more than thieves and brigands.”

“With each passing decade, we fall further into darkness. Science is forgotten and learning mocked. Once-proud universities are either empty or smoking rubble, and things that were child’s play for our ancestors are impossible for us. More than two centuries have passed since a newly-build starship last roamed the Sphere. Even the instruments of war grow more primative, though no less deadly. Our huge war machines, the BattleMechs, can no longer be built, and the Successor Warlords must strip their wrecked machines to find the needed spare parts. We have become nothing more than carrion birds feeding on the wreck of our own civilization.

“Some say the roots of this nightmare lie far in the past. Some say they lie within the soul of Man himself…”

-Tamar Chandrasekar, A Time of Troubles

The Federated Suns and the Draconis Combine have been at war for centuries. The forces of the Coordinator of the Combine and the First Prince of the Federated Suns clash time and again in an endless struggle for a supremacy they may never realize. Among the worlds on which they war, spinning in the darkness, is the small but fertile world of Royal. The nobles who rule the world in the name of Prince Davion have long been given to quarreling among themselves. The time has now come for the children and retainers of those Houses Minor to set aside their differences in defense of their world. This grand experiment, the Royal Dragoon Guards, was nearly undone by the drug-induced paranoia of one of these young nobles. Still other nobles saw a threat in this fledgling unit, and moved to have them dissolved, to discredit their leader and teacher, or have them sent to the front where they would be of no further troubles at home. It is the spring of 2915, and Company E finds themselves under the command of an untried young brevet Captain facing Draconis Combine regulars on the icy world of Misery as politics and plots unfold back on Royal. Will Company E return to a Royal they will recognize when their mission on Misery is done? Will they return at all?